Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black Money/Anti Corruption Rally 27th Feb/2011, 1 PM, Ramlila ground

Gandhi family has black money in Swiss banks’
New Delhi: Veteran lawyer and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Ram Jethmalani on Monday said that he believed that the Gandhi family has black money stashed in Swiss bank accounts.
“I believe that the Gandhi family has money stashed in Swiss banks,” Jethmalani told reporters outside Parliament.
“Swiss magazines have written, even Kent books have written…Rahul Gandhi has been getting money from Swiss Bank. A whole advertisement appeared in the New York Times where this allegation was repeated,” he said.
A task force appointed by the BJP on the black money issue recently alleged that Sonia Gandhi and her husband, former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, were among the Indians who held Swiss bank accounts abroad.
Senior party leader LK Advani later wrote to Sonia Gandhi and regretted the mention of their names in the booklet.
Jethmalani, however, said the letter was in no way an apology.
“He (Advani) did not apologise, only said that for so many years you (Sonia Gandhi) did not give a denial and now you have given one,” he said.

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