Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Veena Malik to support India in semifinal against Pakistan in Mohali

Veena Malik to support India in semifinal against Pakistan in Mohali
Great work veena - Enjoy true freedom in India :up:
Delhi,29/March/2011 Associated Press
In an unprecedented move, Pakistan’s ace actress Veena Malik has decided that she’ll support the Indian team during the explosive encounter in Mohali on Wednesday against arch-rival's Pakistan.
The statement comes after Malik described that India was the place where she rose to fame, which was why she could not let her ‘adopted’ country down.
The actress is in India on a 3-month visa and has remained busy with World Cup-related shows including Dance Marka and Sasti Cricket.Muhammad Hafeez, when asked to comment on the Pakistani actress, claimed that her statement was ‘unfortunate’ and ‘disgusting’.Veena Malik’s advent to India came a few months back when she participated in the Indian version of Bigg Boss – a reality show which films the behaviors’ of celebrities under real-life situations.

A vast majority, however, thought that the show was pathetic and ludicrous.

Malik has further added that she would dance for the entire night if India beat Pakistan as a mark of celebration for the Men in Blue.
According to media reports, the devastating news has not been taken too well in Pakistan, where effigies of the actress were burnt in major cities across Pakistan.

A distraught Veena Malik fan in North Waziristan opined, “I will not watch Veena any more. She is bad girl.”Considering it’s cricket that made her famous when she accused her former boyfriend, Pakistani bowler Mohd Asif of being allegedly involved with bookies, Pakistani TV siren, Veena Malik is all geared up for the ‘baap of all matches.’ She’s planning to watch it with her current beau, actor Ashmit Patel who she met on the reality show, Bigg Boss 4.

Veena, a Pakistan national, is currently in India for a cricket reality show, and has already applied for her visa and bought tickets to watch the semi final at Mohali on Wednesday.

So which team is she supporting? “I want India to win as it has given me so much love, affection, and also my bread and butter. But then I wish that Pakistan wins the match as I am born there and it has given me an identity. I’m praying for India, but am also biased towards Pakistan. It’s a tough call to cheer for one team alone as both have a reputation of being game changers.”

Quiz her about her favourite players, and she replies, “Sachin Tendulkar is the God of cricket, but I don’t want him to score 100 runs against Pakistan tomorrow. I also love Yuvraj Singh and feel he is the hero in this entire World Cup series. Nevertheless, Shahid Afridi is the one player that I respect for his captaincy from Pakistan. But frankly, I will be a little sad if Pakistan loses.”
Is she making any plans to meet Pak PM Yousuf Raza Gilani? “No, I haven’t met him till date, but I will try to meet him if possible and will be absolutely delighted,” says Malik



  1. Great Work veena malik
    we proud of you

  2. Veenaji tusi pakistan aogi tau mullah log bade naraaj honge.
    tusi itthe anaa hi nahi, idhar bot inteha pasandi hai, no tolerance atlll


  4. Kuti kamini gadaar
    pakistan ki naak katwadi tune

  5. tu kanjari hai veena, pakistanio ki be-izzati karadi
    Indians tere saath aish tau karenge par shadi koi nahi karega, take my words.
    don't get pregnant without merriage, vaapis ajaa


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