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Dr Subramanian Swamy`s Letter to Indian PM Dr Manmohan Singh- about 2G Scam & Corrupt Sonia Gandhi

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Do You Know Your corrupt Sonia ?-by Dr. Subramanian Swamy (an eye opener).

December 10, 2010
Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi.
Re: Cancellation of all 2G Licences

Dear Prime Minister:

This letter is in continuation of my earlier letters on the same subject.

There is now much evidence within your Government itself that Etisalat DB, the new name for Swan Telecom, and one of the favoured few which got the UASL 2G licenses for 15 circles in 2008, is a company that is a partner with the Pakistan Government’s Telecom Company: the PTCL (incidentally which is dominated by ISI, a pro-terrorist intelligence agency of the Pakistan army). Etisalat is also connected to China’s PLA. Etisalat DB’s Shahid Balwas is a close associate of Dawood Ibrahim (the underworld ‘Don’ and criminal who is a proclaimed offender). Balwas is also close associate of one of your Cabinet Ministers.

These data are available with your Home Ministry. The Home Ministry has also information that Etisalat DB has Telecom Surveillance Software that will enable it to track movements of anyone who takes a SIM card from it for its service.

This also is the position of Unitech Wireless which is another undeserving licensee, and which has now sold its controlling shares to Telenor which is also operationally based in Pakistan.

Hence to safeguard our national integrity, you must use your residuary extraordinary power vested in you as PM, to cancel all the 2G licences awarded, and order an auction for Indian bidders. The Supreme Court judgment in the Petrol Pump allotment matter also empowers the government. Therefore, Mr.Sibal’s 60 day notice to 2G Spectrum allottees is foolish in this background.

In this context, it is of concern that financial sleaze operator, Ottavio Quattrocchi, who has a temporary respite from incarceration thanks the indulgence of yours and your predecessor NDA governments, has become again active in India’s business fixing, sometimes operating from Malaysia on behalf of a large East Asian nation, sometimes from Milan for European interests. He leverages his son’s presence in India and extraordinary access to the Gandhis (Sonia and Rahul). It is essential that he be declared an‘undesirable alien’. I believe the CBI maintains such a list of undesirable persons and circulates that list to bureaucrats to ensure that no one entertains any persons on that list.

I also draw your attention to the baneful influence of one Ms. Farida Ataullah, a Pakistani with dubious connections (during the Benazir Bhutto tenure as PM she was her ‘bag person’), who has been a close friend of Ms. Sonia Gandhi for decades-- so much so that she was Chief Guest of Honour at a select gathering at the wedding of Ms Gandhi’s daughter, Priyanka in the mid 1990s. She lives in Dubai and co-ordinates all kinds of nefarious activities in and out of India.

Perhaps because of her influence, an important member of the core group of the Congress Party called the Mumbai and Maharashtra police officials to his suite in Oberoi Hotel Mumbai after the 26/11 terrorist attack, and directed that “Indian collaboration” in 26/11 should not be probed.

All these facts put together paint a grim picture of the national security scenario in the country. Pakistan was defeated four times in open military warfare by us but because of corruption in high places today flowing from the well known “Gangotri”, Pakistan may succeed in undermining our national integrity through such well placed persons and effect a soft subversion of the Indian nation.

I write this letter to you place my concerns on record. As a public person who has been elected to Parliament five times and held Cabinet rank posts twice in the Union Government, I have a duty to inform you of these developments that I have been apprised of by my trusted friends in India and abroad. Please verify for yourself these facts and accordingly discharge the oath of office that you have sworn to uphold.
Yours sincerely,

November 24, 2010.

Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi.

Dear Prime Minister:

You may by now have realized that the 2G Spectrum scandal is not only bad for the country in the dimension of corruption, but now it emerges that there is a national security dimension too. The RAW, IB, CBI, ED all have enough material which they may have placed before you regarding the dubious aspects of the principal player in this scam.

According to my information two sisters, Anushka and Nadia, of Ms Sonia Gandhi had received sixty percent of the kickbacks in this deal i.e. Rs.18,000 crores each. The frequent travel of Sonia Gandhi and her immediate family to Malaysia, Hongkong, Dubai and parts of Europe including London requires to be probed under the law. What requires your special attention is the mode of the travel, not by commercial airliners, but by jets provided by the corporate sector which itself is illegal under the DGCA Rules. I find that often Ms.Sonia Gandhi and family have traveled to Dubai and then traveled onwards on private jets provided by dubious Arab business interests to Europe. It is not clear on what passport they have traveled. In Dubai they were felicitated by agencies of countries which are hostile to India including that of Pakistan.

You can no more not take a stand when evil is permeating in the country in the form of terrorism, religious conversion and demographic infiltration. The ill-gotten money in billions of dollars equivalent, the money laundering and Participatory Notes have all undermined our national integrity. The time is come for you to take a stand.

I am familiar with the information and data with our intelligent agencies. I also know that you can seek cooperation of other countries especially the United States in pooling information especially from inter Intelligence interaction that take place regularly. I hope therefore you will rise to the need of the hour and take effective steps to set right the sorry state of affairs in the country caused by overtly and covertly resident foreigners. In this connection I would like to meet you at the earliest. My Secretary will be in touch with your Secretariat to fix a time.

Yours sincerely,

On Saturday, 14th Novermber,2010, Dr Subramanian Swamy gave an interview to Jaya TV in which he made 3 salient points on the issues around the 2G scam of A. Raja.

The significant one was that the scam is going to be Karunanidhi’s nemesis. Karunanidhi’s ‘Saavu mani” (death bell) was the word Dr Swamy used to describe how the court proceedings would go in the case against A.Raja. He said that with the implication of A.Raja, things would not end. One after another, every person who has had a hand in the scam or the loot would be brought to book. As such, Karunanidhi would also be brought within the gambit of law as the case progresses further.

Nothing happens without the advice of the Karunanidhi – something A.Raja himself made out in his justification for his resignation. A.Raja does suffer from Bhandhana yoga (astrological yoga for incarceration) which will be manifest in his moon dasa. He can not escape punishment. If A.Raja is brought under scrutiny, can Karunanidhi remain far away? But that depends on the how far the Congress leadership itself is part of the scam and have a share in the loot.

Let me first say what Dr Swamy told in the interview and later add my observation.

He clearly said that Karunanidhi’s fall is imminent. Karunanidhi’s entire life was full of instances of cheating and corruption. Dr Swamy said that Karunanidhi had the distinction of having stolen the jewels of his mother! When Raja’s case is taken up, Karunanidhi’s name also would be revealed in the loot.
The next important point he made was that he was not alone in the task of fixing Raja and Karunanidhi. This was in reply to the question from the interviewer who felt that as an individual (thani manithan) what he could do about this case.

In his reply, Dr Swamy recalled his association with Manmohan Singh from his (Singh’s) early days in the UN and said that he has good and friendly relations with him even now. Similarly he has good relations with many politicians in Delhi. He made a rather mischievous note how could things like tabling the CAG accusing Raja of the mammoth scam happen, if the powers- that -be had not favored it? In the same vein he told that it can not be said that Dr Singh was not for Dr Swamy’s current role in taking the scamsters to task. Congress’ tacit support to dislodge Raja and discard Karunanidhi is implied by this.
These two points had been understood well by the DMK which reacted violently by burning the effigy of Dr Swamy the next day.

The third point by Dr Swamy was a clarification of a technical point. It has become fashionable for politicians to avoid the issue by a ready-made statement that the issue is ‘sub-judice’. We heard this word told many times by A.Raja and Ms Jayanthi Natarajan in the last few days. Dr Swamy says that this word has no relevance in Indian conditions. It is relevant only in those countries such as the USA and the UK where there is a body of Jurists who also have a role in the judgment to be delivered. In those countries, airing of personal views by public officers or politicians would amount to influencing the Jurists. But in India there are no jurists. If some one says that he can not express his opinion because the issue is sub-judice, that implies that his views are likely to influence the Judges’s opinion which amounts to contempt of court. Expression of views is not going to alter the opinion of opposite parties and would have in no way alter the position of the party on whose side one is. So by saying that you won’t express your opinion because the matter is sub-judice, you are only tarnishing the image of the judges as they are the only ones who should not be influenced. Dr Swamy said that the media persons must retaliate with this point if they are given a reply that the matter is sub judice.

Coming to the overall message of Dr Swamy, it is clear that he is there to bring a final stop to the free reign of Karunanidhi who perhaps holds the sole distinction of a long history of corrupt practices. The most heinous crime by Karunanidhi is scuttling the democratic spirit of free and fair election in Tamilnadu by bribing the voters. The Telecom scam money was used by him in the last elections for this purpose. The Congress had been a silent spectator of that crime, or rather an abettor. That could be one reason that it is not in a position to be outwardly harsh to Karunanidhi. The Congress is also culpable of facilitating victory through such means. The EVM scam is another one which is not yet taken up. But I guess it would also come up for scrutiny some time as I find the astrological yoga for incarceration in a top politician who is known to have got elected to power through EVM scandal. Let us wait and see.

Statement of Dr.Subramanian Swamy and Dr.S.Kalyanaraman Made in Chennai

On Why Indian EVMs are unconstitutional and tamperable

The book edited by us titled: Electronic Voting Machines – Unconstitutional and Tamperable (300 pages, Price: Rs. 395) is available Vision Books Pvt. Ltd., 24 Feroze Gandhi Road, Lajpat Nagar 3, New Delhi 110024, India Phone: + 91 11 2983 6470 and 2983 6480 (email:
1. The Delhi High Court is scheduled to hear on November 24, 2010 Dr.Subramanian Swamy’s PIL with pleas for 1) a paper-printout from EVMs in accordance with the Cyberlaws of India to ensure transparency of election process and 2) return to paper ballots if such a print-out mandated by law cannot be given.
2. The previous Chief Election Commissioner, Shri Navin Chawla had made a false claim that no one has been able to demonstrate the tamperability of Indian EVMs. Centre for National Renaissance took up the challenge and organized an International Conference of IT experts, constitutional lawyers in Chennai on 13 February 2010. The contributions and conference papers of experts from USA, Germany, Netherlands and India, at this International Conference are included in this book. These contributions demonstrate and prove beyond any doubt the unconstitutionality and tamperability of Indian EVMs. The EVMs as presently used is also illegal since the provisions of the Information Technology Act have been violated.
3. The book is a comprehensive review of Information Technology, legal and constitutional aspects related to the use of Indian EVMs. The book is expected to create the necessary public opinion to make the EC withdraw the EVMs if they cannot be safeguarded to public satisfaction, and thus return to the paper ballot system. The book makes a host of startling and alarming revelations on the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in Indian elections which call for a Parliamentary probe:
• The continued use of electronic voting machines in Indian elections is unconstitutional because Indian EVMs are non-transparent and vitiate the requirement of voter control over the balloting and counting process, which is a basic feature of India’s Constitution.
• EVMs are tamperable, posing the risk of wholesale rigging of election results. Computer experts have consistently held that Indian EVMs are not completely secure from software and hardware manipulation. Also, Indian EVMs can be hacked both before and after elections to alter election results.
• Universal use of EVMs in Indian elections may also be illegal as per a judgement of the Supreme Court of India in 1984.
The book moreover documents:
 the failure of Electronic Corporation of India and Bharat Electronics (the public-sector unit suppliers of Indian EVMs) to obtain international patent for Indian EVMs. Flags the danger of private EVM manufacturers producing look-alike EVMs.
 That the election process has been compromised by getting components and services for Indian EVMs through foreign sources and agents of foreign companies. ECI has to certify if ECIL and BEL really make all the components and services used in Indian EVMs.
 That the Indian EVMs have embedded (burnt-in or masked) programs in electronic controllers burnt-in or masked by foreign companies or their agents; such programs cannot be read by ECI or ECIL or BEL. So, no one knows and no one can verify and validate how the votes are polled or counted by Indian EVMs.
The book includes
o a resolution adopted by the experts of the International Conference recommending return to paper ballots if the transparency and tamperability issues cannot be addressed satisfactorily.
o The following letters from independent experts raising serious objections to Indian EVMs and recommending a return to paper ballots:
 Letter of Prof. David Dill of Stanford University to Navin Chawla, CEC
 Letter of US Professors and IT Experts to Chief Election Commissioner of India
 Letter of Shri Omesh Saigal Former Chief Secy, Delhi, to Prime Minister
6. EVMs have already been banned in many countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy, and the list is getting longer. Thus, there is a growing lack of confidence in EVMs the world over. Why should India persist with a failed system that has been abandoned worldwide? The risk of wholesale rigging inherent in EVMs, howsoever small, cannot be accepted in a democracy where the stakes in winning elections are so high. The book thus brings together a panel of political, constitutional and technical experts and makes a powerful and substantive case for the discontinuation of EVMs in Indian elections if these cannot be safeguarded to public satisfaction. The book is an eye-opener and a must-read for all politicians and citizens alike.
7. Some Contributions:
Dr.Subramanian Swamy’s contribution establishes the reality that EVMs are not tamper proof and exposes the falsity of the claim of Election Commissioner. Dr.Kalyanaraman 1) argues that Election Commission is accountable to make any machine comply with the Nation’s Cyber Law 2) provides the evidence of 1000 year old tradition of secret ballot which started in Uttaramerur, Tamilnadu during the Chola times, a tradition which was also cited in the Constituent Assembly debates and 3) elaborates why the introduction of machines violates the basic feature of the Constitution which mandates adult suffrage implying voter control over balloting and counting processes. Shri Sam Rajappa, senior correspondent, The Statesman avers that EVMs can be rigged. Dr.Till Jaeger, Advocate in German Supreme Court explains reasons why German Supreme Court declared the use of EVMs as unconstitutional and why any efficiency criterion cannot override the basic feature of voter control and transparency of the election process. Dr.Anupam Saraph makes a case for banning EVMs and exposes the serious breach in keeping tabulations of 2009 Lok Sabha election results well before the official date of declaration of results. Prof. Alex Halderman underscores the dangers inherent in Electronic Voting and explains that the review of the deficiencies of the e-voting provides an opportunity to save preserve democratic processes. Senior Advocates, Roxna Swamy and Ajay Jagga review and establish the fact that Indian EVMs do not meet the constitutional and legal requirements. IT Expert Dr.TH CHowdary reviews the international experience of electronic and internet voting and cautions India on the dangers of adopting non-verifiable systems. IT Expert Shri N.Ramesh shows a reality check on tamperability of EVMs in the context of International Standards.


1. The Home Minister Chidambaram’s inane comment on ‘Hindu Terror’ acts is actually a Home Ministry project of 2004-06. With the explicit approval on exercise of her extra-constitutional authority Ms.Sonia Gandhi had instructed the then Intelligence Bureau Director to recruit army, Hindu sadhus and sadhvis on the call of ‘patriotism’ and thus motivated them to commit acts of terror to polarize the Muslim community against Hindus.

2. In 2007, Ms.Gandhi ordered the termination of this clandestine operation that she had order in 2004. She then used the project to discredit the Hindutva movement by targeting innocent and unsuspecting persons, focussing on RSS persons.

3. The framing of the Kanchi Shankaracharya in the Sankaraman murder case was also on the instruction of Ms.Sonia Gandhi to Ms.Sasikala. Ms.Jayalalitha the then CM, being a performing ‘circus lion’ in front of the ‘ring master’ Ms.Sasikala, obliged and hence the Shankaracharya was arrested.

4. The foreign Christian missionary lobby has been against the Shankaracharya because he had tried to co-opt Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes into the Hindutva movement.

5. I therefore welcome the RSS decision to launch a nation wide agitation to expose this slandering and framing of Mr.Indresh Kumar, and the RSS as an organization.

STATEMENT of Dr. Subramanian Swamy made in Kochi 3/11/10

The vicious attack on the RSS by Ms. Sonia Gandhi yesterday at the captive Congress Party meeting is now making clear to all Indians her true form. Like Ravana who came dressed as a Sadhu in saffron colour clothes to fool Sita to let down her guard, so that he could kidnap her, in the same way Ms. Gandhi came dressed in a saree, even covering her head on occasions as a good bahu (daughter in law)would, and fooled Indian people to enable her to steal the raj simhasan,

Yesterday at the meeting, she was speaking in her true form, as a foreign Christian missionary agent of the religious conversion violence against Bharat Mata, and hence seeking to defame the RSS with a contrived charge of terrorist activities.

RSS is a voluntary organization of patriotic Hindus who want to rise above petty caste and regional loyalties, and hence a sheet anchor in the battle against cash-induced religious conversion of which Ms. Gandhi is the patron in India.

She is now seeking to shackle India so that the Vatican can enjoy suzerainty over Sanatana Dharma and Hindustan.

I urge all genuine Hindutvavadis to throw off all their shackling inhibitions and join in a grand democratic onslaught on this covert, clandestine, and cancerous invasion against the most ancient and continuing value system of India that was made known to us Indians as Hindutva by Swami Vivekananda and Veer Savarkar, and given an all India organisational content by the RSS. For the sake of a Virat Hindustan I appeal to all patriotic Indians to defend the RSS with all the resolve that they can muster.

October 26, 2010
The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh should immediately recall and disband the ‘Kashmir team’ led by Mr. Dileep Padgaonkar to explore the ways and means to find a solution to the problems in Kashmir. The said team however instead of finding an acceptable solution seems to be bent upon deliberately to provoke a further radicalization of attitudes in the Kashmir valley. Instead of making progress to an amicable resolution of the problem, they are laying landmines for creating a national peril for future Government of India.
The basic problem in Kashmir is the uncertainty in the minds of the people of the Valley about whether Union Government seriously regards Kashmir as an inalienable part of India. The Padgaonkar team by talking with persons in the Valley who are not interested in the territorial integrity of India, have accentuated that uncertainty.
The problem of Kashmir thus cannot be resolved unless the intention of the Government of India to retain the entire area of Jammu & Kashmir as an inalienable integral part of India is made abundantly and absolutely clear to the people of Kashmir. The negotiation of the kind that the Padgaonkar team is engaged in only encourages the militants to tell the people in the Valley that India will one day part with Kashmir.
Time is now to let the whole world know that people of India will never accept any such dismemberment of the nation. Any Government which does so will come to grief either through elections or by a massive public agitation. Those Kashmiris who do not want to live in India should be provided with one-way ticket to any part of the world they want to go. As far as territory of Kashmir is concerned which includes Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as well as China-occupied Ladakh, and every inch of it must return to India no matter how much time it may take. The moment this resolution of the Government becomes crystal clear, the uncertainty in the minds of the people will be removed. Then problem of Kashmir will get resolved.

October 15, 2010.
Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,President of the Janata Party.

The AIADMK office bearers are making a big issue of death threats being received by their leader and former Chief Minister Ms. J. Jayalalitha, and want the CBI to investigate the matter.

But these office bearers of AIADMK should know the saying that “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”. A CBI inquiry may in fact also reveal that AIADMK’s ally MDMK is engaged in many violent activities including death threats to many persons and extortion in Family Courts and other places.

With such a traitorous disreputable ally the protests from AIADMK will be taken to be the height of hypocrisy by the people.

If Ms. Jayalalitha wants the people to take serious notice of these threats that are being received, then she should get rid of the anti-national MDMK from the Alliance led by her. Otherwise it will become an issue against her in the forth-coming Assembly elections.

News Cities Hyderabad
HYDERABAD, October 15, 2010
‘India lacks clear-cut policy on China'
B. Chandrashekharpeakers at a panel discussion on “India's Strategic Perspective in the 21st Century,” organised by the College of Defence Management in Secunderabad on Thursday, felt that New Delhi had no clear-cut policy towards Beijing and that it was time the world's second-most populous country developed a strategy and showed preparedness.

“India's emergence as the major economic power during the last two decades has been the major irritant to China,” Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy said.

Defence spending
However, he said, India was way behind its strong neighbour in defence spending due to economic constraints — at just 2.3 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product against China's six per cent.

‘Develop strategy'
To meet China's prowess and win the race, it was necessary for India to develop a long-term strategy, modernise its weaponry, understand China's vulnerabilities, and cultivate countries like Indonesia, as China was getting 80 per cent of its energy supplies through the Malacca Strait, Dr. Swamy noted.

“India must also work out a triangular relationship with the United States and China, keeping in view the intensifying Sino-Pak nexus, the implementation of several strategic projects in PoK [Pakistan occupied Kashmir] by China, and the U.S. role in the region.”

India had a mindset problem, he said.

There was no need for it to have a stand on the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 awarded to Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo as the award was long tainted by politics.

“When the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and Jayaprakash Narayan, who spent a lifetime fighting colonialism and imperialism, are not given the award even posthumously, one can gauge its significance,” Dr. Swamy said.

He also sprang a surprise, predicting that the Chinese economy would face a major financial crisis, being induced by the U.S., in the next three-four years, and forecast a crash in the country's stock market in a month.

Panellists on defence and strategic affairs, including Professor A. Narasimha Rao, Vice Admiral (Retd) S.C.S. Bangara, Jayadev Ranade, D.S. Rajan and Indrani Bagchi, participated in a session on ‘Indian and Chinese national aspirations: conflicts and concerns' moderated by Shivnath Thukral.

The statement of the Union Home Minister P.Chidambaram condemning the proposed burning of a copy of the Koran in USA is hypocritical and pathetic display of appeasement.
When the Jihadi have been demolishing temples in Kashmir, Malaysia, Kazhakistan and other places, and when the Taliban used a canon to blast the historic Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan, Mr.Chidambaram kept quiet.
Today, being the favourite political poodle of ’10, Janpath’ he is pontificating to India’s media about how had it is for religious harmony.

Patriotic citizens of India therefore denounce Mr.Chidambaram as a fraud and an pseudo-secular imposter.

After having looted the nation on the allocation of 2G spectrum, the Union Telecom Minister Mr.A.Raja has ordered his officials to squeeze out BSNL from the mobile server business to help the Dubai-based Etisalat and Pakistan centric Telenor, both which were favoured in 2G licences at one-seventh of the market price causing thereby a national loss of Rs.60,000 crores.

The method adopted is to deliberately weaken the signal in high intensive use areas for mobile phones and internet so that subscribers can switch to these two private operators.

This is betrayal of national interest and hence I demand that CBI extend in its investigation into the 2G spectrum to this aspect also.

1. I am proposing next week to approach the Supreme Court to seek directions to the Prime Minister decide within on month on my pending petition, to PM for granting of Sanction to prosecute A.Raja, presently Telecom Minister.
2. I am happy to report that the Union Government on September 1, 2010 has accepted my plea to exempt Veda Patashalas from the RTE Act (2009). Hence I warn the Tamil Nadu Government not to harass Veda Patashalas in the state anymore.
3. The Prime Minister has also ordered on my petition the cancellation of all power projects presently in various stages of implementation from Gangotri, to Haridwar on the River Ganga. The VHP had earlier threatened a major agitation if the PM did not agree to the cancellation.
4. The Madurai new airport building will be inaugurated soon. The Union Civil Aviation Ministry is waiting for the TN CM to forward an Assembly Resolution approving of my proposal to name it Muthuramalinga Thevar International Airport. The CM has already written a letter to the Ministry supporting my proposal of 2001.
5. I demand that when the Resolution is moved in the Assembly next week, former CM Paneerselvam should apologize for opposing my proposal when he was CM.
6. I have written to the CM to agree to a CBI inquiry in t he systematic fraud consulted by DMK MLAs in the Public Distribution System as revealed in a recent investigation by Headline News. If CM does not agree, I shall file a PIL in the Madras High Court.



The present orchestrated campaign, to hold Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Power solely and entirely responsible for the massive grain stocks rotting scandal, is a diversionary tactic initiated at the instance of the UPA Chairperson Ms.Sonia Gandhi.

The fact is that in our parliamentary democracy, it is the collective responsibility of the Cabinet for such inter-state and concurrent subjects involving several Ministries. In the Bhopal Gas tragedy, for example we hold the Chairmen Anderson guilty for the gas leak malfunction of the Union Carbide plant.

Hence, as the NAC Chairperson Ms.Sonia Gandhi, and Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh who must share the blame with Sharad Pawar for this gigantic and criminal fiasco.

I demand that the entire cabinet and NAC resign forthwith to atone for this scandal.

1. While abroad recently I was informed by my reliable sources that of the Rs.40000 crores spent to date on Commonwealth Games preparations, about Rs.15000 crores have gone as bribes under cover of payments to consultants and contractors. The recipient of the largest share of the bribe delivered in London is Rahul Gandhi, a Congress MP and son of Sonia Gandhi. In London Mr.Gandhi is known under an alias as Raul Vinci. The Indian High Commission employee in London who has denied his letter of recommendation now, acts as a valet for Mr.Gandhi whenever he visits London, which is at least once a month. Mr.Gandhi is accompanied by his undeclared wife, Colombian girl Veronique.

2. The plan of UPA to protect Mr.Gandhi from expose and prosecution in this CWG scam is to blame it all on Suresh Kalmadi and Shiela Dikshit. The Prime Minister must show boldness now because corruption at the public person level has attained Himalayan heights bringing disgrace to the nation and the economy performing below our potential.

3. I demand therefore constituting an open Commission of Inquiry under a sitting Supreme Court judge with CBI as it's investigating arm. The public and whistle blowers should be invited to depose before Commission.

4. In the forthcoming TN and Kerala Assembly elections, the Janata Party will field candidates on the plank of Hindutva and fighting corruption credibly. At present the JP does not have electoral alliance with any party. However, the party will explore for possible allies from October and finalize the list by January 14th 2011.


I condemn the Income Tax raid carried out at the behest of Ms. Sonia Gandhi on the residences and institutions of His Holiness Mermattur Adigalar Swami. What ever money and wealth found in these premises during this illegal raid are willing donations of the public and cannot constitute a criminal offense for which I-T raids are provided for in I-T Act. There are no charges by any of his devotees of deceit or defrauding, and hence I demand to know how the Finance Minister sanctioned such an illegal raid unless Ms. Sonia Gandhi had ordered him to do so.

Adigalar Swamiji has been working for a united Hindu society based on a Vedic concept of equality of all souls. He has millions of followers from the downtrodden people of India. But this was not to the liking of foreign Christian missionaries who felt the Adigalar Swamiji made it difficult for them to get Christian converts by financial inducement. Hence this raid has been carried in an attempt to defame him. But it will be a fiasco that will boomerang on the his detractors.

I demand all Tamil Nadu MPs tender their resignation form Parliament in protest unless the Prime Minister makes a public apology to the Adigalar Swami, and returns the seized properties along with Rs.10 crores as compensation for the mental anguish caused to his fiollowers. Otherwise I will move the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha to take this matter to the level of agitation throughout the country.

Targeting of Hindu sants and sadhus is a part of the Sonia Gandhi-directed and Vatican-ordered campaign against Hindu society to coerce Hindus to convert to Christianity. It is an undeclared War of Rome against Om.

Please find below the press release prepared by BATS members.
"Hindu Dharmic heritage and a constitutional democracy are India's greatest strengths" observed the Janata Party President and Visiting Harvard Professor, Dr.Subramanian Swamy, to a gathering of Tamils yesterday in the famed Silicon Valley in California. The gathering was organized by Bharati Tamil Sangam (BATS) a Silicon Valley based cultural organization for world-wide Tamils, and which adheres to Hindu Culture and Dharmic traditions. In the age of Globalization, it is necessary for the Tamil youth to be knowledgeable and proud about their spiritual heritage, ancestral culture, and history; Bharati Tamil Sangam views these aspects as indispensable and key for the Tamil Youth abroad to grow and thrive in a healthy way. Dr. Subramaniam Swamy underlined the need to strengthen such organizations that celebrate Indian heritage and rich Hindu spirituality and culture. He talked high of the Indian democracy and pointed that the Indian electorate had not been easy to predict and had successfully brought in much-needed political changes time and again. Quoting Bhagvat Gita he pointed that there is no sanction for Birth-based discrimination in the Indian scripture. He observed that the threats that Hindu culture faces today must be faced in a united and sustained fashion. In this connection he praised the services of such web-sites as that provide a uniquely enlightening and stimulating perspective on the current political, historical, literary and social aspects covering the Tamil Hindu sphere. Janata Party all India General Secretary Vishvananthan Kakkan was also present in the meeting and addressed it briefly".

The All India General Secretary of the Janata Party and Advocate Vishwanathan Kakkan passed away today at his son's home in Santa Clara, California. Kakkan who was the brother of the former Home Minister in Kamaraj's government, was in seemingly excellent health, and hence his demise is a shock to all of us. Last Saturday, Kakkan helped arrange my public meetings in Silicon Valley of Indian software engineers and of nationalist Tamils resident in the area. He was enthusiastically looking forward to returning home after his vacation to organize the JP election preparation for the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. The party will thus miss him very much and I personally have lost a personal and cheerful friend.

The first founding meeting of the Tamil Nadu Legal Cell of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha (HDAS) was held today in Chennai under the Chairmanship Dr.Subramanian Swamy who is the named convenor. The HDAS is the apex body of all Mutt Chiefs, Mahamandelswars, Peetadhipatis, and Aksharas, each institution of more than 100 yeas old.
The Tamil Nadu Unit of the Legal, Cell, called the TN Hindu Dharma Vakil Sangam (HDVS) will take up issues in Tamil Nadu Courts in which the Hindu community is targeted by the Government, or by the other communities such as by religious conversion, or by one caste against another.
Eighteen prominent Senior Advocates of the Madras High Court attended the meeting. Mr.G.Rajagopalan Senior Counsel, was elected unanimously as State Convenor.

The Gujarat Chief Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is perfectly right in asking publicly for Sonia Gandhi to clarify her position on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984.
Although Sonia Gandhi was then not formally in politics she had played a vole behind the scenes in catalysing action in many political issues such as Operation Bluestar and Bhopal Gas Tragedy.
In the Bhopal Gas Tragedy matter Ms.Sonia Gandhi had prevailed upon Rajiv Gandhi to allow Quattrocchi to manage the legal affairs in the New York District Court hearing (in the Bano vs Union Carbide Case). In fact, because of her, an Italian lawyer was selected to argue the Indian case for $1.4 billion compensation case. The lawyer however settled for $470 million inexplicably.
Hence, Ms.Sonia Gandhi has to explain her position in this matter.

1. I shall be away from june 16th till August 10th to teach two courses in economics at Harvard University, USA [see]. I shall also be addressing public meetings on weekends. My first meeting will be on June 26th in San Jose in California, where Janata Party all India General Secretary Vishwanath Kakkan is presently stationed. He is helping organise a meeting of resident Tamils and also a meeting of Indian IT professionals. All told I shall be addressing 12 public meetings during my six weeks teaching at Harvard.
2. I have received two letters from the the Convenor of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, Swami Dayananda Sarasvati appointing me in my personal capacity as the HDAS Legal Cell Convenor as also as Convenor of the Hindu Parliament Forum of about 50 MPs from several parties. The Tamil Nadu Unit of the Legal Cell is being set up today. By Vijaydashmi Day, all states and UTs will have a Legal Cell of the HDAS, and will be called Hindu Dharma Vakil Sangam[HDVS]. After Deepavali, a national convention of HDVS will be held in Hyderabad.
3. With the pro-LTTE groups blowing rail tracks near Villupuram, in league with the Dravida Kazhagam and Naxalites, it is clear that the DMK has lost control of the law and order in the state. Time is near for the Centre to consider imposing President's Rule in the state and banning all pro-LTTE organisations in the state and detaining prison LTTE stooges like Vaiko, Veeramani, and Nedumaran. The cinema world must also be warned of closure if they continue to step out their routine of song and dance and indulge in politics on behalf of terrorist organisations.

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party President made on June 5, 2010
1. From June 15th to August 10th I shall be teaching economics at Harvard University USA for the summer term. After my return I will be busy with final hearings of many cases of public interest. Amongst them are Raja Sanction case, Sonia's citizenship case, EVMs fraud case, Chidambaram Nataraja temple case, HR&CE ACT unconstitutionality case, Ram Temple case, and Islamic Bank illegality case.
2. On completing 87 years, Mr. Karunanidhi must ponder why the Dravidian Movement has failed. Originally the British Imperialists promoted some their anti-Indian stooges to start the Movement agsinst India's Freedom from the British, to oppose the Hindu religious concepts especially the concept of Brahmin, the speaking of Sanskrit and using Sanskrit words in Tamil, and to vulgarise Rama because he was "Aryan" and to deify Ravana because he was a Dravidian. The Dravidian Movement has been defeated on all these agenda items. India has become free and DMK has eaten humble pie by swearing by the Indian Constitution, 42% of the Tamil words today are from Sanskrit, Karunanidhi's own name and that of his grand children are mostly Sanskrit, and one of wives goes regularly to temples and the Kanchi Mutt for blessing and prasadams. Karunanidhi's last stand was in the Sethusamudram Project, but he has been defeated in the Supreme Court. Ravana it now turn out-- reading Kamban Ramayana-- was a pious Shiva worshipping Brahmin. Thus, except for enriching himself by shameless corrupt, Karunanidhi's political life has been a total failure. He must now chant "Ram Ram" to go painlessly, just as Ravana did in when his end came.
3. The Janata Party will contest a large number of Assembly seats when the Vidhan Sabha elections take place next year in TN and Kerala. It will field candidates on the basis of an alternative ideology of Inclusive Hindutva and National Renaissance. The party will seek the blessings of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, and the support of the RSS and VHP in the elections. For this purpose, the Janata Party has set up a Manifesto Committee of four All India General Secretaries, V.Sundaram, Advocate Vishwanathan Kakkan, Prof. Tholoor Sashidharan and A.P.Jagga. The TN JP Vice President Sridharan will be the Convenor of this Committee and the Committee will meet in Chennai. From September, I shall tour both TN and Kerala to prepare a short-list of candidates on the basis of the Hindutva ideology.
4. I condemn the Tamil Film lobby for seeking a boycott of IIFC festival in Sri Lanka as anti national, and the heroes who complied with the boycott call as cowards and zeroes. I also condemn Home Minister for his flip flop on how to fight the Maoists. Publicly he talks of exterminating them with the help of the army, but privately he begs pro-Naxalite leaders such as Swami Agnivesh to help him out. On June 3rd he went to Tirumalai Tirupati and prostrated at 2.30 am before the Balaji stat
5. I propose to file a case in the British Court in London against the British Museum to recover two Sarasvati ideols stolen by the British Imperialists more than a hundred years ago from a sacred temple in Dhar in Madhya Pradesh.

The pasting of Tiruvalluvar photo over, and to cover the Tamil Nadu Government’s Gopuram emblem that is (painted on the side of every state transport bus) is illegal and violative of sections of the Emblems Act (1950) and Article 51A of the Constitution. Obviously it was done by anti national elements who need to be brought to book.
Hence, I demand immediate action by the TN Government by invoking the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act to detain these culprits till these criminals are prosecuted convicted and sent to jail.

The proposal under consideration in the Union Cabinet to include caste in the bio details to be enumerated in the Census 2011 will if implemented, be disastrous for the nation much as the British Imperialist proposal in 1932 for a separate electorate for scheduled caste. The 1932 proposal was shot down by Gandhiji’s fast unto death and the sagacity of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar.

I urge the RSS to launch a national disobedience movement if this proposal for caste census is accepted by the Cabinet. Caste is not according to the Gita (Chapter IV) birth-based and hence time has come for Hindus to jettison this baggage of history once for all.

1. The UPA Government which has already failed on the economic front has thoroughly exposed itself on the issues of corruption and terrorism recently.
2. The Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh has chosen to facilitate the corruption of the Telecom Minister Mr.Raja, rather than go out of office. The DMK Chief Mr.Karunanidhi during his recent visit to New Delhi asked Dr.Singh and Ms.Sonia Gandhi to choose between continuing to tolerate the corruption of Mr.Raja or face the DMK withdrawal of support and fall of the Government. The PM abjectly and meekly surrendered to this blackmail. That is why I have not yet got the necessary sanction to prosecute Mr.Raja. The Delhi High Court will now pronounce on it on May 18th.
3. The granting a visa to Ms.Parvathi Ammal, the mother of the deceased terrorist V.Prabhakaran is one more example of the UPA’s capitulationist policies on terror. The Indian nation is under no humanitarian obligation to extend medical facilities to her, especially since she has failed to condemn the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi by her son. Humanitarian gesture is only for maintaining human dignity. It is instead’s Indian human dignity being sacrificed.
4. The nation cannot therefore trust the UPA Government to fight terror since the Supremo of the Congress Party Ms.Sonia Gandhi seems severely compromised on the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

The absurd and ridiculous claim of the DMK leader Mr.Karunanidhi that action against Telecom Minister Mr.A.Raja on corruption charges is being sought by those of upper castes on the ground that Raja is a Dalit, deserves to be condemned as typically hypocritical of him. When I was pursuing corruption cases against Ramakrishna Hegde and J.Jayalalitha, Mr.Karunanidhi had praised me. He did not raise the caste issue then. In fact he invited me to dinner once to congratulate me for pursuing Jayalalitha by filing cases. Mr.Karunanidhi's real fear now is that his family members are also on the take in this scam.

Mr.Raja has committed the most monumental corruption in the history of the world in the allotment of 2G Spectrum. It has cost the nation Rs. 100,000 crores which is now confirmed by the recent auction going on in 3G Spectrum. Once convicted for the corruption in 2G Spectrum allocation Raja's name will find a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

I demand that the Prime Minister as Designated Authority under the Prevention of Corruption Act grant me the necessary Sanction to prosecute Raja under Sections 11 and 13 of the Act, and before the Delhi High Court hears my Writ Petition on the matter on May 18th. If the PM does not do so, he could become culpable as an accessory after the fact, which is also a crime under the IPC. I also demand that the corrupt 2G Spectrum allocation be cancelled, and an auction be held as in the case of 3G presently.

I demand that the Union Government re-start the Rameshwaram-Talimanar ferry service to help restore normalcy in the Sri Lanka.

Now that the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project is “clinically” dead, re-starting this ferry service should be no problem for the Union Government.
April 29, 2010.
Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party.

The decision of the DMK Government, translated by the actions of the Chennai Municipal Corporation and other local bodies, that all Roman letters and English signboards will be required to change compulsorily to Tamil script and in Tamil translated equivalent words, is a hypocritical step bereft of any benefit to the nation.

If Mr.Karunanidhi is serious about Tamilization, then he should begin with his family by renaming his son from Stalin which is a Russian name, to some Tamil name. He should also order that Sun TV should henceforth be called Surya Doordarshanam.

1. The IPL controversy should not be allowed to be sabotaged from being exposed fully, by red herring issues such as telephone tapping. Of course tapping is going on, but the Telegraph Act which was enacted in 1885 is out of date for wireless phones. Hence, all that is now necessary is a new law phone tapping.

2. It is time to focus on the real end beneficiaries of the IPL loot. First we must find out who allowed the IPL to bid for players in dollars and make payments in dollars and prevented the RBI from intervening. Second, we must know who prevented the CBI from registering a FIR on match fixing. Third, we must know the secret of the moving of IPL-2 to South Africa on a thin threat of terrorist attacks. Fourth, we must know why Russian, Latvian, and South African women from Escort Services run by gangsters be recruited for being cheer leaders at the games, and for providing hospitality to visiting Indian Ministers and MPs.

3. According to me, the money trail will lead to Congress MP Rajiv Shukla and Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra.

4. Mr.Shukla, is Chairman of BCCI’s Finance Committee and member of BCCI’s Governing Council. Just as IPL-1 biddings in 2008 were to begin, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and his wife invested Rs.10 crores in Mr.Shukla’s wife’s company, BAG Glamour, to buy 10 percent equity stake. The Khans’ then won the Kolkata Knight Riders bid. Mr.Shukla never disclosed this conflict of interest before the biddings began, as he legally was bound to do so.

5. It is a matter of shame that when Dr.Ambedkar’s statue was being unveiled in the Madras High Court premises, and in the presence of the Chief Minister Mr.Karunanidhi, some disgruntled lawyers showed black flags. Thereafter other lawyers threw chairs and injured several people. This shows that Mr.Karunanidhi has lost control of the law and order in the state. I demand therefore the state be brought under President’s Rule for three months and elections be held thereafter.

1. Now with the official revelation that the 26/11 Pakistani terrorists were trained by LeT and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and US had been an impotent watcher, that was either kept in the dark by Pakistan, or chose to look the other way, it is time India enter into direct negotiation with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai to sign a bilateral Defence and Security Treaty, whereby India should station 40,000 troops (2 Divisions) and two squadrons of the IAF (40 fighter/bomber planes) on Afghan soil.
India has to combat Taliban in Afghanistan now, or fight them on Indian soil later. President Karzai is keen for Indian troops, and it is time in our own national interests we oblige him.
President Karzai was educated in India, and his ancestors were Hindus. Moreover Afghanistan was once a part of Akhand Hindustan.
2. The denial of entry to the mother of the dead terrorist and Rajiv’s killer Prabhakaran is the right thing to do for the Indian government.
India is not a dharamsala for anyone to come and reside at anytime of his or her choosing. Let Prabhakaran’s mother first condemn her son for killing Rajiv Gandhi. Then we can consider her case for entry.

I congratulate Dr.Jairam Ramesh, the Union Environment & Forest Minister for declaring Majuli, an island on Brahmaputra river where Krishna had danced with the Gopis, as an econ-sensitive zone. Earlier the PM had written to the UNESCO to make Majuli as a world heritage site. These demands I had made earlier while arguing the Sethusamudram case in the Supreme Court in 2008.
Now I demand that the Union government agree to another demand that I have made in letters to the PM and Dr.Ramesh, to make the entire Ganga valley from the Gangotri to Haridwar in Uttarakhand as a econ-sensitive area and allow Ganga unfettered flow in all its hoary and pristine glory.

April 3, 2010.
Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party.
I demand that the Karnataka Government immediately place the mining magnates, otherwise known as Reddy Brothers, in detention under the Unlawful Activities Act. Reddy Brothers are really agents of Congress, and function as “sleepers” in BJP.

Their detention is necessary because Reddy Brothers, in order to silence criticism of their illegal activities, are engaging on the widespread violence against patriotic citizens who are using the Right to Information Act to expose their nefarious activities.

I have verified that Reddy Brothers have been exporting illegally ore from Karnataka mines and other States to China and depositing their ill-gotten money thus received in Macau, which is a secret banking haven, more secret than even Switzerland.

Worse still, the Reddy Brothers are using their ill-gotten crores and crores of rupees to finance for favourably disposed politicians, and to campaign against those who are not with them. Their reach now is in Delhi where highly placed politicians in power dance to their tune on carrots and sticks of bribes and blackmail. Amongst them is the Congress Party General Secretary Mr. Digvijay Singh of Madhya Pradesh. There are highly placed politicians in other parties too which ought to be investigated by the CBI and the list made public.

I am writing therefore a letter to the Karnataka Home Minister Dr. V.S. Acharya to take necessary steps to investigate and cleanse Karnataka politics of such mafia elements. Otherwise, I will have no alternative but to approach the Courts.

It is surprising that the official spokesperson of the Congress Party yesterday issued a statement that the party had no stand on whether Rajiv Gandhi assassination conspirator Ms.S.Nalini should be released from prison on remission. If it is so, then why did Ms.Sonia Gandhi write to the President of India in 1999 for giving Nalini clemency from capital punishment that had been awarded by the Supreme Court.

If Nalini’s incarceration was no concern to Ms.Sonia Gandhi and her family, then why did her daughter Ms.Priyanka Vadra break prison rules and enter Vellore jail to meet Ms.Nalini?

These mysterious developments cannot be brushed under the carpet. I demand the MDMA set up under CBI for probing the conspiracy angle, now interrogate Ms.Sonia Gandhi and her daughter. It may be recalled that family friend Ottavio Quattrocchi when he was a Chartered Accountant in Chennai during the 1970s had developed close links with the LTTE.

The rejection by the Division Bench of the Madras High Court of S.Nalini, convict in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination case of being set free is a vindication of the dictum that the Constitution is above all, even above dynasties. India is thus is a nation of laws and not ruled by any family and its firmans.

Although it was on my Writ Petition that Nalini has lost, it is more important to remember that it is the martyrdom of Rajiv Gandhi which has won today, despite his immediate family abandoning him on the bogus reason of “humanitarian” concerns. Godse and Satwant Singh were not shown any such mercy.

But the nation has a right to ask Ms.Sonia Gandhi why she abandoned the memory of Rajiv Gandhi for some obscure reason? What was the hidden reason?

The snub of the US authorities given to India by entering into a plea bargain with the notorious 26/11 terrorist reconnaissance stalker Headley is actually a profound comment on the UPA government’s style of functioning.

First, the UPA government does not carry out the Supreme Court judgments on terrorists as evidenced in the Afzal Guru and the 4 LTTE cases where they were awared death sentences.

Second, the UPA government seems to crawl before the US even if they ask India to bend only such as in the US-India Nuclear Deal.

Third, the Home Minister P.Chidambaram is seen as a clown who makes a daily statement before the media without meaning a word of what he says.

Hence, the US government does not need to take the 1 billion plus people of India seriously thanks to the UPA’s buffoonery.

1. I demand the resignation of the HR & CE Minister Mr.Periya Karuppan or that the CM shift him to another portfolio, for his crude misuse of his office to terrorize the Dikshidars of the Chidambaram Nataraj temple, and to demolish the ancient temple structures to build an air-conditioned office for the HR&CE Department officers and himself, as also auction space for shops, and construct toilets for the public inside the temple complex. These are all against the Rules of the HR&CE Act (1959).
The Minister has also got installed high tower lamps as in Cricket stadiums, by digging up the ancient temple floors, as well as damaging pillars which have God’s carved statues in order to fasten the Hundial stainless steel can with iron bars.
Moreover, the Minister held a public meeting in the compound of the temple which he came to driving in his official car, and with his shoes on
All these are violation of the Rules framed under the HR&CE Act (1959), and the Minister is bound by these Rules.
2. Hence if he does not resign, or the CM does not shift him to another Ministry, then I shall file a case against him under Section 295A of the IPC. If he continues with these anti-Hindu activities, I shall move the Supreme Court on a Contempt of Court Petition against punishment.
3. I also warn the Commissioner of the HR&CE Department and his E.O., not to obey illegal orders of the Minister as they are then equally culpable. They must stop all construction or demolishing activities forthwith or face Contempt of Court punishment.
4. Under the Constitutional provisions, the DMK Government has been illegally keeping 36,584 temples in their control, including the Meenakshi and Rameswaram temples. Shortly I shall be filing a PIL to get all these temples to be handed over to their respective trustees or to Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha.

The salacious and uncensored screening by Sun TV of the sex scenes featuring Swami Nityananda and a B-grade actress may thrill the lewd viewership of that TV channel but has also laid open the Dravidian Movement’s double standards.

The ‘bare’ question here is: Even if the video tape is not forged, what law under the IPC has Swami Nityananda broken?

The actress involved has not denied that whatever transpired with the Swami has been with her consent, nor any ‘bhakta’ come forward to file a formal complaint for breach of trust. Therefore the Swami should sue the Sun TV for criminal invasion of privacy.

He need not of course take note of the protests organized by Periyar DK whose claim to morality if tested against what many of the Dravida Movement leaders are doing every day, and have done in the past, would make their protests on morality laughable.

Of course, if the tape is genuine, then Swami Nityananda, like Rishi Vishwamitra, should do prayaschit (penance) for his indiscretion and violating the moral law.

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party President made in Madurai on 02.03.2010
1. The DMK President Mr.Karunanidhi has betrayed the Tamil people and especially the farmers by making a secret deal with Kerala real estate property dealers not to allow the implementation of the 2006 Supreme Court Order. The Supreme Court Order of February 27, 2006 given on my Writ Petition after I had adduced arguments on behalf of the Tamil people for eight years permitted Tamil Nadu to raise immediately the water level to 142 feet from the present 136 feet, and later after some more minor repairs to 152 feet.
Instead of going ahead by raising the water level as permitted by the Supreme Court Order, Mr.Karunanidhi raced to the Supreme Court to file another case thus admitting that there was a dispute and willfully playing into Kerala hands.
But now seeing the angry reaction of the Tamil people, Karunanidhi has developed cold feet, and hence this ridiculous Resolution passed by the DMK General Council.
2. To protest the DMK government’s betrayal of the Tamil interests, especially since we had a favourable Supreme Court Order of 2006 already at hand, I demand the immediate resignation of Karunanidhi.
3. The CEC Mr.Navin Chawla is guilty of perjury because of the sworn affidavit that the EC filed in the Delhi High Court in my Writ Petition on EVMs. The next bearing is on April 14, 2010 when I shall raise this issue.
4. The EC had stated two falsehoods, knowing it to be false, that no one had come forward to prove that the EVMs can be rigged or tampered with. Dr.Hari Prasad and Mr.V.V.Rao accompanied by me to the EC in New Delhi on September 3, 2009 had proceeded to demonstrate it when the EC official aborted the demonstration on the excuse that it would violate the intellectual property rights of the ECIL and BEL, the EVM suppliers to the EC.
5. The second falsehood is that ECIL and BEL had received international recognition for the EVMs. But documents supplied to me from World Intellectual Property Organisation (enclosed) show that fearing rejection, the ECIL and BEL had withdrawn their Patent application after failing to convince the WIPO about the reliability and uniqueness of the EVMs produced by them.
6. I demand the Mr.Navin Chawla resign from the post of the CEC, or face perjury charges and go to jail.
7. My stay Petition of the Madras High Court judgment in the Chidambaram Nataraj Temple take-over (by TN Government) is coming up before the Supreme Court on March 11th. I shall also argue that the 36,584 temples under HR & CE Department control be returned back to the temple trustees since it is illegal for Government to keep them in their hands for an indefinite period.
8. The Union Government of Dr.Manmohan Singh must now retaliate for the killing by the ISI- supported Taliban of nine Indians in Kabul. These Indian citizens were there in the service of the motherland and call of duty.
Therefore I demand that India dispatch two divisions of the Indian Army i.e., about 40,000 soldiers under a squadron of the Air Force for which we have an open invitation from the Afghanistan President Mr.Hamid Karzai. Part of this deployment should be on the eastern borders of Afghanistan near the Pak-occupied Kashmsir for a future possibility.
The Government of Dr.Manmohan must show a resolve to defend Indians serving abroad the motherland, or he should quit office.

The Minister of State of External Affairs Mr. Shashi Tharoor is unfit to hold the External Affairs portfolio in any form because of his inability to keep his counsel. which is required of even an ordinary diplomat, leave alone a Minister. I demand that Mr. Shashi Tharoor disclose his business interests in the West Asia region during the last ten years so that we can assess whether there is a conflict of interest in his official outbursts as in the recent one on Saudi Arabia's role as an interlocutor. Moreover, while we criticise M.F. Hussein for pornographic art, we must remember that the most pornographic spoof on the Mahabharata was written by Mr. Tharoor. He is a completely uprooted individual and hence unfit to represent the country.

1. Today, February 13, 2010, I have convened in Chennai an International Conference on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) at Savera Hotel. About 35 Experts from India, Germany, Netherlands and USA attended the Conference to review the international experience with EVMs in light of reports from several countries about the tamperability and the lack of transparency in polling of votes of the EVMs. The programme of the conference is enclosed.

2. Several countries have banned the use of EVMs in elections. Italy and Japan are recent addition (see enclosed) The German Supreme Court has recently banned the use of EVMs in German elections based on these reports. The advocate who argued the case, Mr.Till Jaegger participated in our conference today.
3. The Delhi High Court has been hearing my PIL on the use of EVMs in Indian elections. The next date of hearing is scheduled for February 17th.

4. The Chief Election Commissioner Mr.Navin Chawla has been telling a blatant lie to the media that no one has yet been able to demonstrate the tamperability of Indian EVMs. In fact on September 3, 2009, I was accompanied by two IT software engineers, Dr.Hariprasad and Dr.V.V.Rao (both of whom attended this conference) to the Election Commission for a demonstration. Half way through our demonstration, the EC officials abruptly aborted the meeting stating that they cannot allow us to continue the demonstration since it involved the patent rights of the ECIL, and needed special permission of the CEC! Since then no meeting has been held for us.

5. I had invited Mr.Chawla to our Conference today but he declined the invitation.

6. We are ready the demonstrate that the EVMs as presently manufactured by ECIL and BEL are riggable and the necessary to safeguard against it. I want the Election Commission to enable a printed receipt for every voter, just as we get from ATMs after cash withdrawal. This paper receipt is a requirement under the Information Technology Act of 2000, which the ECI is presently adamantly and obstinately refusing to comply with.

7. I shall urge the Delhi High Court on February 17th to appoint a expert committee, as the Supreme Court did in the Rama Setu case, to find out how EVMs can be safeguarded securely.

Resolution adopted by the participants at the International EVMs Conference Chennai on February 13, 2010
At the International Conference on EVMs, the participants consider in detail the current international practice and law relating to the deployment of EVMs, the evidence on and the scope for their tamper ability and the safeguards that are necessary to ensure that the deployment of EVMs, does not, in any manner, compromise the central requirements of transparency and accountability to the voter, at each and every stage of the election process.

In the interest of the electoral process remaining free and fair, transparent and accountable to the voter, the participants unanimously resolved that the EVMs should provide for an voter verifiable paper trail, and if not feasible then we should return to the paper ballot system.

The participants further resolved that, without such an auditable paper trail, the two essential requirements, namely transparency and accountability to the voter and the related requirement of verifiability of the validity of the votes cast by the voters envisaged under sections 100 and 101 of the Representation of People Act, 1951 will stand and seriously compromised as well as infringing Sections 11 to 14 of the Information Technology Act (2000) and the Indian Evidence Act (1872).

Dr.Subramanian Swamy, the Chairman of the Centre for National Renaissance, will convene tomorrow February 13th at the Savera Hotel a one-day international conference on the tamperability of Electronic Voting Machines. Computer Scholars from USA, Germany and Netherlands will participate. The Conference will be open to the media.

The Conference will adopt a statement which will be filed in the Delhi High Court where Dr.Swamy’s PIL on EVMs is being heard by the Chief Justice’s Bench. The next hearing is on February 17th.

There will be a Press Conference addressed by me at 3.30 PM on February 13th at the Maple Room of the Savera Hotel.

1. The attack on Sri Ram Sena Mr.Pramod Mutalik by suspected Youth Congress goons is indeed anti-democratic and lawless even if Mr.Mutalik has indulged in similar actions earlier in Mangalore.

No one should be allowed to take law into their own hands and engage in vigilante justice. The Youth Congress is supposed to be part of the Government in the Centre, and hence I urge the Karnataka Government to detain in prison the Youth Congress leaders of the State under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

2. I am also surprised that the Maharashstra CM, Mr.Ashok Chavan has threatened to withdraw Mr.Uddhav Thackeray’s security cover if he opposes the screening of a movie featuring Shahrukh khan. Security is given on objective grounds of threat perception and decided a Committee in the Home Ministry. Hence, it is not a subjective decision of any Chief Minister or Home Minister as long as the threat perception remains.

Since security cover is not a gift for good behaviour in the eyes of those in power hence the CM must publicly apologize for making such an irresponsible statement.

If Mr.Thackeray engages in any illegal action, he should be proceeded against following a due process of law and not by such threats.

H E Mr.Mike Nithavrianakis
Deputy High Commissioner of UK
British Deputy High Commission
20 Anderson Road
Chennai 600 006.
Dear Excellency:
I write as the Convenor of the Legal Cell of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha the apex body of Hindu religious leaders to request your Government as an act of goodwill, to return the idol of the Hindu’s Goddess of Learning and Education, Sarasvati which is on display in the British Museum in London.
The idol belongs at the Bhojshala temple situated in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, which was consecrated in 1034 AD. The people there, after the British colonialist forces forcible took away the idol to London, have been protesting by praying since then at the empty niche where the idol originally was situated.
I may draw your attention to a House of Lords judgment [(1991) 4 AII ER 638] upholding a Queen’s Bench judgment, that a Nataraj idol, which was purchased by a London auctioneer after it was found near a disused temple in Thanjavur TN, be returned to India. And in the judgment it was further held that a Hindu temple consecrated according to Agama Shastras is always a temple even if it is in disuse. Hence, idols must be restored to those who speak on behalf such temples.
Hence, I hope you will be inclined to prevail on your Government to restore the Sarasvati idol to us Hindus in the interest of justice and amity. I prepared to go to London to argue before the authorities if you feel it necessary.
Yours sincerely,

1. On February 13, 2010, I am convening in Chennai an International Conference on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) at Savera Hotel. About 35 Experts from India, Germany, Netherlands and USA will be attending the Conference to review the international experience with EVMs in light of reports from several countries about the tamperability and the lack of transparency in polling of votes of the EVMs. The programme of the conference is enclosed.
The German Supreme Court has recently banned the use of EVMs in German elections based on these reports. The Delhi High Court has been hearing my PIL on the use of EVMs in Indian elections. The next date of hearing is scheduled for February 17th. In that petition, I have given two examples of two constituencies, Madurai (2004), Madhya Pradesh (2006) where prima facie rigging has taken place.

2. The Chief Election Commissioner Mr.Navin Chawla has been telling a blatant lie to the media that no one has yet been able to demonstrate the tamperability of Indian EVMs. In fact on September 3, 2009, I was accompanied by two IT software engineers, Dr.Hariprasad and Dr.V.V.Rao (both of whom will attend this conference) to the Election Commission for a demonstration. Half way through our demonstration, the EC officials abruptly aborted the meeting stating that they cannot allow us to continue the demonstration since it involved the patent rights of the ECIL, and needed special permission of the CEC! Since then no meeting has been held for us.

3. However, ECI continues to ‘informs’ us that Indian EVMs are special and somehow different from International EVMs and that concerns about Indian EVM’s are misplaced. But activists, technologists contest that position. These conferences will throw light how Indian EVMs lack the many safeguards that internationals EVMs have and they can be easily hacked ([perhaps much more easily) than many internationally used EVMs and if corrective actions are not taken, it will have serious implications to the democracy of the country.

4. What is at core is the issue of transparency, as German Supreme Court has enumerated, the ability of a common voter understand the process form the time vote is cast to the counting of that vote to the candidate specified by the voter. When that transparency is lost, the elections are greatly beholden to experts and election officials and leaves field open for fraud, potentially in a very large scale.

5. The challenge in India is also that the public is under the impression that EVM solved many issues related to paper ballots such as booth capturing, booth stuffing etc and is viewed as using technology to improve efficiency. However crimes of booth capturing etc., at the local level by physical means have now been replaced by the dangerous possibility of national level rigging by electronic means. The planned sessions in this conference are geared to bring an open discussion on these issues with international and national experts and help protect Indian Democracy.

6. International experts attending are: (see overleaf for biodata):

1) Dr.Rop Gonggrijp, Netherlands Computer hacker, successful Entrepreneur who is instrumental in banning of EVMs in Netherlands due to security reasons, in spite of huge investments made by Netherlands in EVMs.

Dr.Till Jaeger, Germany Attorney who argued the landmark German Supreme Court Judgment that effectively banned EVMs in German Elections.

Professor David Dill, USA (via Video Conference) University of Stanford, pioneer for reformation of usage of EVMs in US elections that resulted in 21 states in US either ban EVMs or require paper trail and additional 18 states require paper trail in state or local jurisdictions. Founder of Verified Voting Foundation. In 2004, Dr.Dill received the Electronic Frontier Foundation's “Pioneer Award”r spearheading and nurturing the popular movement for integrity and transparency in modern elections."

Dr.Alex Halderman, USA Computer Science Professor, University of Michigan, noted expert of Electronic Voting Security who demonstrated first voting machine virus, lead team of Scientists from Princeton and Berkeley for "Top to Bottom" review of California EVMs.

It is very revealing, judging even by her advocates media organized propaganda blitz, that despite 19 years in prison, convict Nalini shows no remorse associating with a foreign terrorists organization, and now even falsely claims that she had no idea of the assassination. In fact the Supreme Court had observed in its 400 page judgment that she knew that the human bomber Dhanu was being dressed with a belt bomb and Nalini accompanied her to Sriperumbudur where it was known that Rajiv Gandhi was to address a public meeting. In media she and others like Sonia Gandhi draw attention to her now 18 year old daughter living in UK and her loneliness, shamelessly forgetting the babies of 18 policemen who died in the assassination blast. None of these babies ever saw their father, whereas Nalini’s daughter could correspond with her convict mother.

The legal record also needs to be set right. Nalini is not serving a life sentence in prison but a death sentence awarded by the Supreme Court twice—as the judgment and then a review of the judgment on Nalini’s plea-- which sentence has been suspended for her life period by the Governor of Tamil Nadu. If therefore Nalini is set free by the TN CM Mr. Karunanidhi, then her death sentence becomes operative. So she will have to jump from the frying pan into the fire. These legal issues including the constitutionality of the original Governor’s order of clemency are pending in my Writ Appeal in Madras High Court, hence the Prison Advisory Board decision is of no value till my petition is decided.


The AICC especially its head Ms.Sonia Gandhi, widow of Rajiv Gandhi must stop prevaricating on the issue of Ms.Nalini’s release from prison even while in on a already commuted life sentence.

The spokesperson Manish Tiwari made the ridiculous statement that Congress Party will wait for the State Government’s decision before reacting. By then it will be too late.

The extraordinary concern shown by Ms.Sonia Gandhi for Ms.Nalini is curious since despite the Supreme Court twice (judgment and review of the judgment on Ms.Nalini’s plea) holding that she is in “the rarest of rare case” category to deserve capital punishment. Now her silence, (even after Nalini’s daughter has now become an adult and migrated to UK) is in explicable. I demand Ms.Sonia Gandhi take a stand and let the people of India know where she stands.

Press Release

The Indian economy is headed for a major crisis by March 2011 due to the vast liquidity in the economy caused by corruption and compounded by ill-advised financial derivatives such as Participatory Notes (PNs).

As a consequence of the rise in money supply caused by black money generated by Corruption such as arising from 2G Spectrum allocation, CWG, and IPL, hoarders have played havoc with cereals, fruits, vegetables and processed foods, with prices sky rocketing. The core industries especially oil refining, steel, cement and coal have also undergone declines in output due to poor inadequate new investments.

With the Central Budget nearly bankrupt and depending solely on loans from public sector banks to balance the books, there will be further spurt in inflation and cut-back in real investment. Money stashed away abroad by Indian politicians and business houses, in illegal secret accounts, are expected to enter the stock market through the PNs to earn quick capital gains. Thus I predict the BSE will have a crash in March when the PNs will be withdrawn after short-selling, in the stock market for windfall profit.

The Prime Minister despite, being an economist is a politically impotent person. Already despite the mild rebuke of the Supreme Court on his inaction on 2G Spectrum orgy, his Ministers Kapil Sibal and Salman Khurshid are busy white-washing the crimes committed in the licence allocation by settling for minor fines and looking for loopholes to exonerate the Telecom companies.

The solution therefore lies not in Dr.Manmohan Singh resigning, but in a mass upsurge against the UPA and its patron of corruption Ms.Sonia Gandhi.

This however cannot be done by those opposition parties whose leadership is also tainted by the same scandals as the UPA.

STATEMENT OF Dr. Subramanian Swamy made in Chennai
I demand that the Union Government set up a Commission of Inquiry into India’s role in the 2008-09 anti-LTTE terrorist operations in Sri Lankaand its national security implications. The UPA government’s refusal to provide heavy artillery and airforce support for the Sri Lanka operation against the LTTE had enabled Pakistan to set up a base in the Island by providing the requested military assistance.

I have now accessed information from impeccable and very high level sources in India and abroad that Ms. Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chairperson had intervened with the Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh and the Sri Lankan Government to save LTTE Supremo V. Prabhakaran and for the Sri Lanka government to provide for that killer of Rajiv Gandhi an escape route abroad.

During the last four days of the anti-terrorist operations in May 2009, at Ms.Sonia Gandhi’s behest a six member delegation of officials was secretly sent to Colombo to prevail upon the Sri Lankan President to save Prabhakaran and the LTTE from annihilation. It was of no avail. Prabhakaran was killed by Sri Lankan army on May 19th, 2009.

This information has to be seen in the context of Ms. Sonia Gandhi writing to the President of India for commutation of death sentence to life imprisonment for four LTTE operatives which death sentence had been ordered by the Supreme Court in 1999 as one of the rarest of rare perfidy against the nation.. It has to be seen also in the context of Ms. PriyankaVadra breaking all Jail Manual rules to visit one the four killers, Ms.Nalini, in Vellore Jail and assure her of something on behalf of her mother.

It also explains why the then UP Governor had withdrawn my security when I was enroute to Rae Bareli and then blocked the investigation in the murderous attempt made on me in Rae Bareli and in Lucknow in April 2006 for which a FIR was registered in Lucknow. After all, I am one of the few who is still concernedabout getting to know who was behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

These circumstantial evidences along with the fact that Ms. Gandhi has now become the sole beneficiary of all banks accounts and assets of her murdered husband, Rajiv Gandhi make it imperative to know what was the real conspiracy was in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Although there is Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency[MDMA] set up for this purpose, it has been directed by Ms. Gandhi to implicate Mr. P.V. NarasimhaRao and his friends.

It is time for the Prime Minister to act to atone for what he knew all along and acquiesced in, by asking the MDMA to look into Government records of 2008-09 and formally call for records from Sri Lanka, Israel, and the United States.


December 28, 2010.
Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy,President of the Janata Party

I demand that CBI interrogate the four prominent politicians and one former Minister of State who has recently become a Chief Minister. These names have been revealed in the A. Raja diaries seized by the CBI in its raid of A. Raja’s premises in Delhi, Chennai and Perambulur. The 2G Spectrum issue is no more just corruption but also is a threat to national security.

I am happy that the PM has accepted my suggestion to write to the US Government to release the information on the money trail in the 2G Spectrum Scam.

Removing corruption and promoting nationalism will be the two issues that the Janata Party will highlight in the coming General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Corruption case be removed only if nationalism grows. The DMK and Congress are both corrupt and anti-national.



  1. why PM-Mannu siugh is such spineless coward.
    it is a big shame:(
    is it because of italian mafia-rani ?

  2. Dr SubramanianSwamy doing Great service for Indians and mankind.
    I heard his lectures about SrimadBhadwadGita-he is amazing.
    After Srila-PrabhupaadJi Maharaaj, he is the right person to Teach BhagwadGite to Mankind.

    Great Job Dr Swamy.
    All NRI's Support you , let's together make India a better place.


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