Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mosqueteria Protest at the Toronto District School Board July 25 2011

                 Video: Mosqueteria Protest at the Toronto District School Board

On July 25 2011 a protest was held against the Toronto District School Board's Islam First policy which allows public tax payer funded secular schools to be converted into ad hoc mosques. Imam's are allowed by the TDSB to conduct Islamic prayer rituals in these schools.

By allowing this practice the TDSB has condoned gender discrimination against girls who are segregated from the boys during the rituals and worse singled out as "Unclean" and denied participation at all should they be menstruating. All of this goes against Canadian values, our Charter of Rights & Freedoms and Ontario education policy.
It is speculated that the TDSB is condoning these activities in order to ensure they continue to receive education funding for Muslim students whose parents might otherwise pull their children from the system if their demands were not met. Muslim students, a growing demographic, now comprise a significant revenue source for the TDSB and ultimately the teacher's union.

The video is a series of interviews with participants, ranging from Robert Lantos & Meir Weinstein to a woman who converted to Christianity from Islam, an atheist, a young couple who have seen Christian children discriminated against first hand by the TDSB and more. The video concludes with a verbal melee which illustrates how divisive the TDSB's Islam First policy has become
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  1. I Agree with protestors that any Religion should be kept away from public schools.
    Shame on TDSB for allowing this kind of intolerance in our schools

  2. My Request to TDSB, please stop our society to become intolerent and radical.
    Let's keep schools away from religious prayers.
    see the example of UK/Germany/Holland/France, those countries now suffering because they allowed islamization of their schools at a time.
    We love Canada and want it keep Secular-No religion at public places.

  3. Ontario already has taxpayer-funded Roman Catholic schools; why should not Islam have equal rights? If Islamic public schools should not be created then it is only just and equitable that Roman Catholic public schools be closed down.

  4. Not exactly.
    In Canada you have option to choose whether your Tax money will go to Catholic or Public school.
    They give you option when you file your taxes

    1. Who told you? Do you pay taxes at all? I am paying taxes and have never come across any such option!

  5. Kudo'd to Ron Bannerjee.
    This great speaker shold stand in next Elections.
    He proved himself a Great Hindu Leader who can work for equality and world peace.
    Long Live Banerjee

  6. Great work Ron bannerji

    God Bless You.

  7. Ron You are doing great favor to Canadians.
    History will remember you.
    our Prayers are with you.

    God Bless You and God bless CANADA


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