Sunday, July 10, 2011

: Pakistani Actress Noor and her Indian-Hindu Husband's Pictures

Pakistan Online: Pakistani Actress Noor and Husband Pics:
"Noor and Husband

Noor and Husband

Noor and Husband

Noor and Husand


  1. how come a hindu had intim-physical relations with a pakistani muslim girl

    she had sex with a hindu? ab baaki muslim ladakiyon ka kyaa hogaa--- ya allah khair kar

    shame!!!!! shame!!!! shame!!!!!

    1. tumari soch tumari tarah ghatiya hai shame on u

    2. jab aqal na ho to bakwas nahi karni chahyea....pehly apny giraybaan ka andar dekho phr bolo

  2. ya allah ab ye din bhi dekhna tha
    Ab hindu log pakistni elite ko bhi chodenge.

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  4. SHAME- pakistani girls ab indian hinduon se chud rahi hai.

    money speaks

  5. jo bhi pakistani aurat hinduon se chudati hai unpar aur usake family par allah ka azab aayega,noor & veena malik type rundy jahannum mai jaayegi
    where are all maulvi, why they can't issue fatwa, jo bhi pakistani lady paise ke liye indian hindu'n se chudegi usko jila-watani karaani hogi

  6. muslim aurat ka hindu ke saath sex jaayaj nahi haraam hai
    Islaam iski ijaajat nahi deta

  7. so many pakistani girls(models, call girls, from music industry, student) go every day to India, they had always affairs with Hindu's
    isi rate par muslim girls hindu se sex karati rahi tau ek din pakistan ki race hi badal jaayegi.
    our army wanted rape mukti-waahini-bangladesi women, to change bangla race, now same thing indians doing with pakistan.

    and most imporatnt thing is pakistani women volunteeraly accepting hinduism i n their life.
    they watch STAR-PLUS, this is from where they start dreaming about having sex with hindu's.

    STOP-StarPlus in pakistan to save pakistani Race and Pakistan

  8. people in pakistan and India belongs to same race.
    before they were all hindu's.
    few hindu's converted to islan volunteerly other's were forced to convert by islamic invaders.
    all i am trying to say is, if a pakistani muslim girl sleep or marry with a hindu, then there is no chance of race change, coz' race is same both side.
    so please don't make issue of this, better support their merriage, if some pakistani girls will marry indians then atleast they will get better and prosperous life in India, they will get relief from extremism/terrorism/family violence.

  9. Hindu kafir ke saath sex haraam hai.
    wake up muslim girls, don't sleep with hindu man.
    kayaamat ke din alla taala puchhega tau kya jawab dogi, aalah ka azaab ayegaa tum sab par, esp pakistani elite/models/actress par

  10. ya rabba e pakistani kudiya nu ki huaa:(

  11. WoW Indian male students in UK are lucky, plenty of pakistani girls available for pleasure.

  12. nothing new, ALLAH pakistan ko bachhaye inn kanjari veena, noor type randiyon se
    more than 50% pakistani female students in UK living with their fellow hindu male students in apartments without merriage, just to save money and get free other things.
    most pakistani girls has no money to pay rent, they always look rich indian fellows to share apartment.

    here is proof (investigation by pakistani news reporter)



  13. Interesting to know that many pakistani go to GuruDwara for eating food.
    Prasaad is a food ate by sikh/hindu devotee's, now where is Islaam?.

    Why these Radical muslim don't understand there is nothing bigger then "ROTI"

    jab bhook lagati hai tau Allah, God, khuda, bhagwan koi yaad nahi rehtaa, sirf roti yaad rahti hai.
    this is what these pakistani students doing in UK.

    Thanks to Talat hussain for braking this ground in above 2 video's

  14. I am already excited
    Going to UK for my final semester.
    Will invite a hot pakistani girl to stay with me.
    cooking bhi karegi & Bistar bhi garam karegi.
    looking forward to see my sexy paki beauty.

    wait sweety - i am on the way

  15. What a big deal ?
    I am an indian Hindu and my girl friend is a pakistani muslim girl from a decent educated family.
    we are living together since 2008.
    I will marry her & 'll take her with me to India once my study completed.

    so don't make it issue, we are all human.

    1. Did you people marry?How is everything going on now between you two.

  16. when i was student in one of ex-CIS state,
    I had sex with 7 muslim girls .
    3 girls were pakistani students , 2 from morocco and one from turkey & another from Algeria.
    to be honest, for sex paki girls are really good, they are very cooperative, sweet and easygoing.
    most important, they love Indians, when they are outside pakistan.

  17. Islaam is a sick cult - better avoid coming anything close to pakiland orarabic wahabi-islaam.

    recently one muslim paki man raped many dead bodies in pakiland

  18. why to balme islam or muslim for that guy who raped body of 48 pakistani female


    Yes that guy who raped bodies of muslim in grave is a paki- muslim.
    Islam is is a fuckn sick religion--thanx god America/NATO slowly destroying Pakistan/Islam.

    My suggestion to all good Pakistani folkswho still consider humanity is bigger than islaam--please better re-join the religion of your ancestors (Hinduism).
    Your forefathers/ancestors were all Hindu,
    you guys better leave this sick Arabic wahabi cult (Islam) ----go back to your roots (Hinduism), otherwise no-one can save you from destruction.

    Hindu's burn body after death---Muslims don't, that's why many sick sex starved people rape body of Muslims women/ girls in grave.
    This guy was just an example, he came in limelight coz' he caught...many don't.

    go back to Hinduism if you want protect your asses getting raped in graveyard after ur death

    India is Rising super power of 21st century--so Re-joining Hinduism can only save Pakistan/Muslims....otherwise you guys will kill each other--even you Muslims hate each other, like Hassan Nisar/Dr Vervej Hoodbhoy(true paki scholar of 21st century) said, aap logan ki ajaan ka time different hai, shia hate sunni--sunni hate ahamadi etc
    nothing wrong in going back to your roots.
    you all pakis's have blood of Hindu’s in your veins as your elders were all Hindu.

    contact VHP(vishwa hindu parishad)if you want re-join religion of your ancestor

    contact if you need any help

    your well-wisher

  20. noor g shram se doob maro kitni chatar ho allah hidayat de tume aur tum jesi auru ko b relpy karna mjay

  21. Noorji aapne sabhi pakistanio ka sar faqr se ooncha kar diyaa--
    paise ke liye indians se chudati raho--pakistan ki roji-roti chalati rahegi.

    you are not only one
    Meera , veena , others from show-wiz doing this.
    these days most famous & bold heroins in India are muslims.

    ganimat hai tumne hindu se chudne ke baad nikaah kar liya, meera, veena aur baki sabko bhi nikaah karke udhar hi settle hojanna chhahiye--please don't come back to pakistan.

    allah bless you

  22. money se kyaa nahi hotaa
    because now Indians are rich, all pakistani girls from elite class chude ke liye hindustan jaane lagi.
    if this will continue, paksitani race will be changed.

    I have no problems with Indians but i have problem with our pakistani politicians, Indians fucking pakistani muslim girls because our economy is dying--these elite class girls need lot money to sustain their luxry life, so they have no choice except suckinh hindu dick--SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. why you guys blaming noor--so many our actress/models go to india.
    Indians fuck our models/actress/ girls from media and even some so called social workers etc.
    veena, noor, meeraG, Sana are just few recent examples which came in light.

    Indians fucking pakistani elite / most heroins from show-wiz & models since last 20 years.

  24. yaar in actress ka bas chale tau ye sirf kafir hinduon ka lund hi nahi balls bhi chaat le.

  25. Recently i was reading on a blog that
    "Mehar Bukhari" from TV-show cross fire often go to India to get fucked by Indian business man in hotels.
    she is making much more money from kafir hindu Indians than from her TV channels.

    is this true ? what i read ?

    now indians penitrated even our media, they are fucking our female anchors too ? SAD!!!!!!!!!!

  26. oh shit - Mehar bukhari also love Indian Lund ?


  27. paise ke aage sab bekaar, ab mehar bukhari bhi indians se chudne jaane lagi

  28. To be honest i heared this much first time on pakistani girls and they easily sleep with hindu just for luxury life and paying for rent appartment and where are fucker mulvi fatwa wala
    i think that is why pakistan is slowly being distroyed by drwon attack and even killed and rape by own pakistani this is obvoius AZAB from Allah

  29. Fuck pakistan-fuck islaam-fuck taliban-fuck terrorists.

    shame on you muslims

  30. wish all pakistani beauties come to india sleep with hindus . . . to be liberated from idiot mullas . . . People like malala yousufzai is much needed in india . . . . She is brave ,angry , intelligent legendary woman . . .

  31. Pakistan has always been a place where the people prefer to get fucked by others. See , first the great Alexander fucked them and later the Muslims (Mughals) fucked them and they became Muslim. Now they are getting f...ked by Hindus to get back their own religion. Okay... we welcome you. No problem.


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