Friday, July 22, 2011

Zaid Hamid Latest Lecture About Ghazwa e Hind


  1. Dear MaxDeIndiana

    I am from Pakistan. your analysis is commendable. I agree almost with all of your comments.

    please read a book>> The Unraveling: Pakistan in the Age of Jihad ,John R. Schmidt

    Following are likely events in future:

    - Attack of US Air force on Pakistan. Present Pak army will be wiped off. Porno-rich Pakistani population would be killed in millions.

    - Indian Army would capture eastern half of Pakistan. Karachi and Baluchistan will be under NATO.

    - After WW-III (non-nuclear world), Militants of Pak tribal area, Punjab and Deccan will wage a holy war , Ghazwa, against Indian rulers and shall take control of govt. (The latter part is a confirmed prophecy because it was told by our Prophet (PBUH). Many idol-worshipers of Hind will embrace Islam. ( My guess, it might happen after 2050, which would mark the end of oil age in world. Many including myself would not be alive).

    If you wish a healthy and friendly debate, write to me at: (Lahore)

    By the way,Zaid Hamid is an ISI tout, His firm supplies electronic devices to Pak Army.

    1. India will take back forever Punjab, Sindh and other provices, we will gift FATA and other tribal regions to Afghanistan.

      this is the future of pakistan.

      No more pakistan in few years


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