Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hindus living in Muslim dominated areas, need to pay ‘Jizya’ ?

Fatwa issued by ‘Darul Ulum Devband’ in NagpurOn 13th July, terrorists carried out bomb blasts in Mumbai. Thereafter, ‘Darul Uloom Deoband’, a Muslim organization has issued a fatwa in Nagpur through its circular that Hindus staying in the localities where Muslims are in majority, should either accept Islam or pay 10% of their income as ‘jizya’. If they do not do so, they should be prepared to fight with us. The above warning has been given in the circular. (Nagpur is following the footsteps of Kashmir ! If you want to avoid this, overthrow the secular rulers through ballot box as they are busy only in appeasing Muslims and form this Nation as a Hindu Nation ! – Editor SP)

It has been further stated in the said fatwa that ‘This country does not belong to Hindus now and it never belonged to Hindus. (There is not a single big pro-Hindu organization or political party which has said that this is a Hindu Nation and this is its outcome ! – Editor SP) This country was ruled by Muslims for so many years. It is the demand of ‘Taharik –e- Taliban Hindustan’ that in the areas where Muslims are in majority, the governance should be by Muslims as per ‘Shariat’ Act. (Hindus, you should realize that even if Muslims take action on this fatwa as was done in Kashmir, the power-hungry Government, under the cover of secularism, will take no action against them. No media channel will even publish news of your dying so as to avoid disturbing social harmony. If you want to live in such condition then unite today ! – Editor SP) According to this, non-Muslims staying in Muslim pre-dominant areas will have to pay ‘jizya’ for staying and working in the area under ‘Munim’. Those, who do not follow the fatwa, will have to face serious consequences. Most importantly, contact numbers and email-ids of the concerned are also given in the circular. (Muslims know that they are the blue eyed babies of secular rulers and nobody can cause any harm to them, therefore, they can dare to issue such fatwas ! – Editor SP) The above news has been published by ‘Dainik Saamna’.

Scanned image of Fatwa issued by Darul Uloom Deoband
Scanned image of Fatwa issued by Darul Uloom Deoband

Nagpur (Maharashtra):


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