Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fake Pakistani Muslim peer makes 300 muslim women pregnant - جعلی پاکستانی مسلمان ہم مرتبہ 300 مسلم خواتین کی حاملہ بناتا ہے

Fake Pakistani Muslim peer makes 300 muslim women pregnant
جعلی پاکستانی مسلمان ہم مرتبہ 300 مسلم خواتین کی حاملہ بناتا ہے




  1. Fuck Pakistan, Fuck Islam, Fuck Terrorists.

  2. most pakistani's had sexual relations with their sisters(cousin), they start keeping bad eye's on their sisters from childhood.

    when they marry to their sister, then many kids born with genetic dis-order.
    i found article on this blog, which say everything about these sex-starving muslims.

    Civilized world must unite and condemn islaam and their sexual relation with their own sisters.

    this affecting health sector of all countries where muslims reside. alone in UK, hospitals are filled with kids born with genetic disorder( result of muslims sexual relation with their sisters-cousins).
    I personally Condemn Islaam and request UN to bann islaam.
    let's stop muslims to give visa's of any country.

    only by banning islaam/sharia/muslims, we can save mankind-humanity.

  3. Oh Shit -man

    fukk muslims

  4. bastords dirty muslims - shame

  5. may DEVIL fuck you all dick muslims in hell.
    you bastords Sub-human muslims - shame on you.

  6. I BELIVE 97% muslims are either Sub-Human or some how they support extremism/terrorism.
    in Pakistan alone 99.9976 % mullah are sub-human bastords.

  7. you all bloddy people you will go to hell why you abusing about islam you will go in hell

  8. whta you mean by sub-humna bastords ?

  9. Muslims marry their sisters(cousin), kids born thru their immoral sexual relationship called bastords.
    and most of these kids born with some genetic disorder(sub human).
    as you can also see most paki's are religious fanatic/extremists.
    That's why they are called Sub-Human Bastords

  10. oh you bastords muslims.
    may devil rape your ass in hell

  11. please brothers--why to blame islam/pakistan for this.
    i belive these women & their husbands are equally responsible for this crime.

    this guy was not a muslim.

  12. Now one pakistani-muslim man got more down
    he raped bodies of females in Graveyard.

  13. shittt--he admitted to have sexual relations with atleast 48 pakistani dead bodies -god knows how many others bodies he and other sexstarved pakistani raped in pakistan.

    fkn sick islaam

  14. again this guy was not a practicing muslim
    so pl avoid commenting on pakistan


    Yes that guy who raped bodies of muslim in grave is a paki- muslim--check above link.
    Islam is is a fuckn sick religion--thanx god America/NATO slowly destroying Pakistan/Islam.

    My suggestion to all good Pakistani folkswho still consider humanity is bigger than islaam--please better re-join the religion of your ancestors (Hinduism).
    Your forefathers/ancestors were all Hindu,
    you guys better leave this sick Arabic wahabi cult (Islam) ----go back to your roots (Hinduism), otherwise no-one can save you from destruction.

    Hindu's burn body after death---Muslims don't, that's why many sick sex starved people rape body of Muslims women/ girls in grave.
    This guy was just an example, he came in limelight coz' he caught...many don't.

    go back to Hinduism if you want protect your asses getting raped in graveyard after ur death

    India is Rising super power of 21st century--so Re-joining Hinduism can only save Pakistan/Muslims....otherwise you guys will kill each other--even you Muslims hate each other, like Hassan Nisar/Dr Vervej Hoodbhoy(true paki scholar of 21st century) said, aap logan ki ajaan ka time different hai, shia hate sunni--sunni hate ahamadi etc
    nothing wrong in going back to your roots.
    you all pakis's have blood of Hindu’s in your veins as your elders were all Hindu.

    contact VHP(vishwa hindu parishad)if you want re-join religion of your ancestor

    contact if you need any help

    your well-wisher

  16. huh---keep dreaming that will accept religion of our ancestors

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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