Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pakistan Food Crisis - People Hungry -No Food/No Water/No Electricity/No Securuty---will pakistan still survive ?

Hunger and Severe poverty in Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Pakistan Food Crisis - People Hungary No Food/No Water/No Electricity/No Securuty.
Why No-one incl US/UK, china, Arab countries  helping pakistan ?
Can pakistan ask help from India ?

Keep Breeding in pakistan no matter if pakistan has no food/water/electricity/sugar/AATA etc- to feed the population
pakistan need more&more childrens to concure the fuckn world to spread angry islam--no matter if pakistani live like rats/insects-         so please continue non-stop sex with your women's---never give them rest-one kid by another(your wifes are not human they are child manufacturing machines)--keep continuing--like rabits
Never listen what good things Dr Pervej Hoodbhoy/Hassan nisar or Marvi Sirmed told you keep calling them Bay-ghiarat RAW/Mossad/CIA agent--if you will keep growing populationwise like this then no-one(incl ur allah) can STOP pakistan from self destruction- AMEN!!!!
Dear- Readers--please be quiet -  in above picture(on green leave) a good & peacefull pakistani muslim busy in producing more kids so he can spread islam in whole world --because after all pakistani muslims dreaming to concure the fkn world right :) - rightnow population of fkn -small/tiny pakistan is above 19 Crore - - -pakis's need more additional 19 crore(totoal 38 crore) to defeat the world
Poor pakistani's childrens/women/old folks dying from shortage of food/& Pak-Army-ISI supported terrorism, but on other hand pakistani politicians enjoying luxry life from the money they get from US/UK etc
Pakistan Army/ISI is biggest threat for Pakistan's unity - Army eat most budget/money of pakistan's revenue
This money should go to pakistani people's welfare but Army take it away by showing fake threat from India/US.
Shame on pak army-shame

Because of pak army - pakistan divided in 2 parts-in 1971--similar things now pakistan army doing with balochistan--again pakistan will be divided in several parts--we are 100% sure it will happen again like in 1971-only thing we are not sure when this will happen?---u can guess(hope very soon--Amen!!!!)

---Coward Pak army with 90 thousand soldiers surrendering to India--you guys still want give your money(75%) budget to these selfish cowards - you have nothing to eat-drink & army generals have millions in swiss bank-big home-farms-10-10 naukar-gaadi bangala--what you have ?

Earlier they surrandered to India-now they surrandering to Amreeka - wake up folks--don't you wish to live civilized life like rest of world living--stop giving money to army--better spend it on education/medicine/clean water etc
listen more to Marvi Sirmed-Dr pervej hoodbhoy-Hassan nisar etc-these folks are the hope for pakistan.
never get lured by Zaid hamid-Orya maqbool & hameed Gul  type rightwing extremists-they will take u nowhere except hell.
Stop Hating USA & India - these democratic countries only wish better-terrorist free pakistan


  1. oh god, help the people

  2. ya allah reham kar, gunahon ko maaf kar

  3. sad to see our neighbour pakistani going thru this crisis :(

  4. Fuck pak-army and ISI, because of these cowards, not only poor pakistani suffering but many other people getting affected as pak army and ISI involved in breeding terrorism

  5. Fuck pak-army and ISI:(
    pakistani politicians

  6. Fuck pakI-army and ISI

  7. our army/isi is more responsible for this crisis than our leaders
    because of huge military budget--govt can't spend on people/education/health sector.

    we must stop military funding

  8. This prove- Law of Karma work properly.

    Pakistan now suffering because earlier they trained and send so may terrorists worldwide.

    maro saalo - bhugato pane kiye karmo ko--

  9. Being a Pakistani, I am partially agree with above person.

    May be our Army/ISI involved in Terrorism but not ordinary poor pakistani.

    definitey we have some Dehset gard(terrorists), mostly from wahabi sects, but you will never find and terrorist from Sufi or Ahmadia muslims.

    do you guys agree with me ?

  10. Well - I am also partially agree.

    I guess Ahmadia & Sufi's are better & peacefull muslims. but they are in minority--nobody listen or care about them in your pakistan

  11. America long back Nuked pakistan,If Ahmadi and sufi's were not living in pakistan.

    pakistan still surviving because of ahmadi's and sufi'only

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  14. I'm Sorry for my ignorance, but personally i don'nt see
    any visible difference between, shia/wahabi/sunni/barelwi/ahmadia/kadiayani or sufi muslims, except that sufi muslims wear a specail topi and allowed to dance and sing, please educate me-how one can see any visible diffference between liberal muslims like kadiani/sufi/ahmadis and rest all right wing muslims.

    One of my friend,work in an american Bank in USA, as per her opinion as she meet many pakistani muslims who come to her for mortgage and other banking related issues.
    If a muslims looks educated/wear modern clothing,calm, not beared and do not talk always about mosque/islam etc can easily identified either Ahmadi or Sufi.

    BUT if a nuslim, have less sense about his dress/ semi-educated some time beared, look suspecious, praise & talk blah-blah about islam, try to talk about mosque and how islam is peacefull and great blah-blah, can easily identified as either Wahabi or anyone from other rightwing exttremist sects.

    please share your expereinces/ opinions


    Dr S Dwivedi

  15. Pakistan must die ASAP - how long world will wait and tolerate these bastords.

    Islam is Evil, and most pakistanis are Sub-human bastords


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