Monday, September 19, 2011

Muslims have Appreciation Rally for TDSB for supporting them in "Sharia Prayers" in Canadian public School

 Muslims have Appreciation Rally for TDSB, for supporting them in Sharia Prayers in secular Canadian public School 


  1. I left these muslim radicals in my homeland and came to Canada for better secular life.
    now these same islamist following us in Canada, WHERE we should go now ?
    Antartica, Mars, Moon, where ,someone please tell me ?
    suggest me a country without these sharia lover terrorist bastords


  2. I think both Iceland and GreenLand are still free from muslims/islaam.
    or contact one of these below company to reserve your spot for travelling to MARS

    Hope you will find "Mars" free from islmo-facism/muslims

    Good luck

  3. one thing is proved again, these islamic suckers are intolerant and extremists.
    they never care about feeling of the majority of the country they live

    whether it Ground Zero Mosque(newyork) or toronto mosqueteria, muslims never compromise.

    Canada need to ban islaam.

  4. To above posters: Why don't you go to hell? There are no Muslims there.

  5. Well, if extremist paki-muslims will keep coming to Canada and Govt will not ban Islaam/sharia , then one day our beloved country will be worse than hell.

    God Bless Canada


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