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Reforms in Muslims / Islaam

Reforms in Muslims / Islaam
As a general rule, countries respect each others’ sovereignty and do not interfere in one’s internal matters. However, when a country displays hostility towards other country(ies) and indulges in any aggressive action towards them, the other countries do not remain obliged to respect its sovereignty and their declaration of war against the hostile country is justified. Even in society, internal matters of any household are left to its senior inmates (in-charge) to handle. However, if any member of a household engages in a crime outside the house, then police/ law enforcement step in to restrain and punish that member and sanctity of the household to manage its affairs is set aside.
In case of Islam and the Muslim community, non-Muslims are the major victims and sufferers from the Islamic ideology.  It is worth to know that about sixty-one percent of the contents of the Koran are found to speak ill of the unbelievers or call for their violent conquest; at best only 2.6 percent of the verses of the Koran are noted to show goodwill toward humanity. About seventy-five percent of Muhammad’s biography (Sira) consists of jihad waged on unbelievers.
In view of such a constitution and such a role-model, peace, mutual trust & respect, brotherhood and harmonious coexistence between non-Muslims and Muslims is mostly not possible. At the most, you can have an uneasy truce (mostly in cases where the Muslims are weak) which is easily shattered on the flimsiest of pretexts.
Jihad (or holy war) is a central aspect of Islamic dogma which is Islam’s vehicle for imperialism. Jihad is not a just war but an imperialist war in which looting & pillaging of wealth, humiliation of unbelievers’ by destroying their places of worship and raping of their womenfolk and dividing the spoils of loot obtained from jihad is not only justified but promoted.
Mistrust and hatred of unbelievers is a dominant theme of Islamic ideology.  Camaraderie and assimilation with unbelievers is shunned by Islam while maintaining a way of life, culture, dietary habits and even an external appearance as totally distinct from unbelievers is mandated. Deception & disinformation of unbelievers in institutionalized. Migration to lands of unbelievers with a motive to takeover is prescribed, thereby rendering even migration as another vehicle of Islamic imperialism.
History is witness and proof of Islam’s nature and its imperialist actions. Unbelievers of India have suffered centuries of atrocities at the hands of Muslim invaders & kings. VS Naipaul mentions that Indian civilization is a wounded and scarred civilization as a result. Eminent Western historian Will Durant mentions: “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history (of the World). It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.” Millions upon millions of Hindus were slaughtered in these conquests, many more were taken and sold into slavery, cities upon cities pillaged, looted and burnt, women dishonored, temples upon temples razed and idols broken and humiliated. Being an agrarian non-martial community, Indian unbelievers were unable to formulate a strong and repulsive response to the Islamic invasion from 11th century till the 18th century. Only by fag end of Aurangzeb’s rule were Shivaji in Deccan and Guru Gobind Singh in the North able to style formations which checked the Islamic imperialism and started the decline of Islamic rule in India.
Another community which has suffered most at the hands of Muslims is that of the Jews. Jews are very much vilified in the Islamic scriptures and by Mohammed. They are mentioned to be the worst amongst the unbelievers (except for pagans (like Hindus)) . Mohammed himself undertook many expeditions against them and by some accounts indulged in their genocide. Finally on his deathbed, in one of his concluding so called prophecies received from his God, Mohammad mentioned: “The two great faiths (Islam & Judaism) can never exist together on the holy land (Arabic peninsula). This sealed the fate of the Jews and they were banished from the holy land of Arabia accursed to live as refuges in other parts of Asia and Europe.
Christians too did not have any peace with the Muslims and many Crusades were fought between them and Muslims in Europe. However, compared to Christians, Muslims came out looking more righteous and just as the Christian faith of Jesus is a very severe and unworkable corruption of Judaism which does not have any concept or value of justice and Christianity was responsible for condemning Europe to a period of Dark Age from 400 ce to around 1600 ce. By that time, Catholicism was exposed and a monk called John Calvin among others undertook to form a new strain in Christianity which broke away from Pope & Catholicism and restored Christianity to the values of the ‘Old Testament’ of the Bible which were the Jewish values. This ushered a renaissance in Europe and it has’nt looked back ever since.
Coming to later times, in India, after start of decline of Islamic imperialism by end of Aurangzeb’s rule and an interregnum Peshwa and Ranjit Singh rule , a new imperial power namely the British took over and the Muslim imperialist designs were severely crushed and humiliated. Muslims tried a last attempt to win back power in 1857 in vain. Indians afterwards mobilized their freedom struggle for Self-Govt (swaraj) against British. Sensing that the Indian unbelievers were on the verge of a great victory of obtaining self-governance for themselves after centuries of slavery, and the implication that under the new dispensation based on democracy, Muslims will have to accept being ruled by Hindus, Muslims put forth the two-nation theory of Muslims and Hindus being two separate nations. This two-nation theory may be formulated by Muslim League or Iqbal, but is based totally on Islamic ideology and concepts mentioned above. Vivisection of India took place thereafter which can be reasonably be said to have been caused by Islamic ideology. Unbelievers thereafter went thru the excruciating pain of partition and millions were killed albeit on both sides. Even after partition, Hindus are still not insulated of pain from Muslims. Muslims continue to live in India in substantial numbers without proper integration still thereby causing deadlock in India’s progress. Civil disturbance, communalism, riots and terrorism have become part of India’s national culture. There is an Islamic insurgency in Kashmir where Muslims have majority and are not willing to stay with India, while India has accepted to keep 15% Muslims in India with full rights and powers. Pakistan remains a hostile neighbor who has undertaken several major Wars, supports insurgencies in Kashmir & Punjab and is engaged in a nuclear arms race with India till date. All of the above is directly linked to the Islamic ideology.
The Jews too are still suffering from Islam. After decline of Ottoman empire in early 1900s and after a painful holocaust in Europe, Jews were given a mandate by colonial British to establish a nation for themselves (called Israel) in the holy land. However, the Muslims rightly saw it as a negation of Mohd’s prophecies and hence a negation of Islam itself and opposed that tooth and nail. The Israel Arab problem continues in full frenzy till date and again the culprit remains the Islamic ideology as mentioned above.
The West too is now confronted with the evil of Islam. Muslims have migrated in great numbers to West but have not assimilated over there. In keeping with the tenets of Islam, they are working towards undermining and takeover of their host lands. They have used their access to these lands to carry out spectacular terrorist attacks on the West. The West was forced to respond and had to commit trillions of its resources and its military to defend itself from any future attacks. It has had to undertake expensive measures for its homeland security and for securing its air travel which has taken a great toll on its economy and is responsible among other factors to bring it closer to bankruptcy. And all this is again directly linked to Muslims and the ideology which they follow.
Thus a substantial part of the non-Muslim world is under attack and continues to suffer from ideology of Islam and it is now fully justified to advocate and force a reform or better still a total repeal of Islamic ideology as it exists in its current form. Still, in spite of that, no such call or demand has been forthcoming from any section of the aggrieved quarters. No US leader has mentioned that they are against Islamic ideology leave alone advising of any reform. They are just content to treat the symptoms of Islamic aggression namely terrorism. They have conveniently defined two sections with Islam, namely moderates and extremists. For sure, there are some moderates to be found in Muslims, but Islam itself is not at all moderate and it remains the ideology of aggression and war. They have taken Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda to be an exceptional extremist formulation amongst Muslims, but fact of matter is OBL is nothing except a 21st century version exactly in the image of Islam’s prophet. Thus as long as Islams ideology and its role model’s status remains intact, OBL can never be exorcised from Muslim consciousness.  The US’s hands are tied in this matter because they themselves are religious and believers in God and hence cannot ask another religion to give up its practice. Also, Islam has more than a billion adherents around the World and they control most of World’s energy resources hence it has taken to discretion. Merkel of Germany and Sarkozy of France have criticized Muslims for not assimilating, but that again is fighting only a symptom and not a disease. Europe meanwhile continues to guarantee all rights to the Muslim immigrants. A lone voice, namely of Geert Wilders from Holland has taken the Koran to task, but he is subjected to lawsuits and is only a head of a minority party in Holland.
The Jews too have not spoken openly against Islam. Also, because of their minuscule presence and heightened antipathy with Muslims, their claim may fail to carry any weight.
In India too, even after suffering atrocities for centuries and vivisection of mother-land due to the imperialist Islamic ideology, there is no single group or even a voice which has called for reform of Islam. The Congress has appeased Muslims at all stages and allowed a substantial percentage of Muslims to stay back in India, while Pakistan has resorted to ethnic cleansing of all Hindus & Sikhs from its land. Muslim enfranchisement and their street power ensures that they remain a political & social force in India. Pakistan razed and converted many temples on the reason that it was ordained by Islam, but Hindus could not get Babri Masjid, a mosque built by a Muslim invader after razing a temple of birth of Hindu deity Lord Rama back from the Muslims in goodwill. A demand for this temple with which lots of Hindu emotions are attached led to a great communal divide in India, which led to an unending cycle of violence which continues till this day. The Bombay riots, bomb blasts, Godhra massacre, Gujarat riots and many subsequent instances of Bomb blasts and maybe even the terrorist attacks of 26/11 are all related to the Ramjanmabhoomi movement and all this is based on the Muslims’ intransigence to compromise on the issue with Hindus.
Still, Muslims continue to enjoy all citizens’ privileges and more in India. They are treated exactly on par with other nationals, despite the fact that they have already taken away a large portion of the land for their rule and stay. They have remained backward due to the medieval Islamic ideology to which they cling to, but the Indian State has appointed commissions of enquiry to report of their backwardness and suggest measures for emancipation. Also, currently, India is contemplating a communal violence bill to safeguard Muslims from Hindus in riots!
On the reform front, there is no attempt from any Hindu leader to at least roundly criticize and oppose the inhuman Islamic ideology which is the cause of its centuries of untold sufferings. India has accepted the Muslim civil code for Muslims in India. There is no move for implementation of uniform civil code in India. There are no reformers or even any celebrated ex Muslims in India. M C Chagla and Hamid Dalwai were just flashes in the pan. One Muslim ex-Bohra scholar Asghar Ali Engineer has recently suggested disingenuously that Islam in Indi needs an Ambedkar. Ambedkar was a Dalit who fought for Dalit rights in a wider society. Muslims don’t need somebody to fight for their rights, because they are all very good fighters and generally take away more than their fair share of rights. They need a reformist like John Calvin who can advocate excising portions of intolerance, hatred and dogma from the religious texts.
It is understandable that advocating such reform in Islam from outside is very difficult and awkward given the sacred status of the principle of political correctness and freedom of faith. But the taboo has to be broken as an exception due to the critical and existential nature of the issue involved. It would also not be very difficult to implement once such a stand is taken. If the West boldly goes ahead and forms a reformist Islamic religious supreme body mandating it with reforming Islam on following grounds:
►Removing all passages of intolerance, Jihad, mistrust and injustice against unbelievers from texts including Koran, Hadees and Sira.
►Promoting scientific thought, rationalism and justice amongst Muslims, abandoning of Arabic in favor of English and obtaining best scientific education. Justice and Laws of Cause & Effect should be given much weightage.
►Promoting gender equality, abolition of veil etc
►Reducing ritualism in Muslims of five times prayer, fasting for a month and curbing wasteful expenditure on Hajj pilgrimages. Also, beards should be abolished as done by Ataturk.
►Etc etc
Once such a platform is formed and it is populated with some respectable names from the Muslim society & clergy, it can be given state support and full protection and promotion to do its mandated work. Also, all Muslims should be called upon to join this platform. This platform will then finalize and give shape to the new version of humanitarian and tolerant Islam complete with its own set of rules and rituals. If some Muslim groups or Rulers are brought about to subscribe to this version of Islam, it will take root and endure. Afterwards, its idea and agenda is sure to prove its worth where its adherents would surely excel in their fields and attract ever more Muslims to join it.
The above is a suggestion to initiate and expedite reforms in the Seventh century Islamic dogma which continues to hold 1.2 Billion of Mankind hostage in the 21st Century and causing suffering and inconvenience to the remaining humankind


  1. stupid and Dumb islaam.
    UN Must bann this cult- and stop giving visa's to muslims to any western/non-muslim country.
    Islaam is curse on humanity

  2. pakistan is a diseases, civilized world must find some cure of this maddness

  3. One can not deny the fact,

    Islam is world fastest growing religion!!!!!
    More and more non Muslims are converting to Muslims!!!!
    Islam is one of the most flexible religion with equal rights of man and woman!!!!

    Requesting you not to go to so called American; Media!!! Take and example of 9/11 NY attack. Do you think ppl living in caves, sleeping on the sand can destroy WTC in NY???? It is all proven now; just google it!!! You will know the reality!

  4. Ha Ha Ha :)
    Cockroaches and rats are also fastest growing so what?, they have also nothing to do except breeding
    but are they contributing anything to this world ?
    very few muslims may be OK, but what with rest all in somalia, pakistan etc ?
    they are all huge burdon on mankind, they are not contributing anything to this world except terrorism.
    This is not only american/Western media, whole civilized world tired tolerating muslims and their extremism/intolerance

  5. hmm...I wish all your worst fears come true. Muslims in India will unite. and extremist Hinutva will be wiped out. And Islam will remain, just as it is. just u wait!! With Islam, peace will prevail.

    Ouch! did it hurt? THATS THE IDEA!!

  6. fuck-ISLAM, FUCK muslim terrorist-fuck mullah, fuch sharia law

  7. sabhi mulle ek jaise extremist maaderjaat hotey hai-islaam is duniyaa se khatam hona chhahiye.

    india must join america to eliminate barbaric-filthy islaaam




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