Friday, September 9, 2011

Brand New way of JIHAD by Pakistani Extremists to Lure Indians -Zaid Hamid : We call Hindus to Islam.


  1. fukk pakistan & islaam
    bloody terrorists, they think Indians are kids and will be lured easily.

    bloody jokers

  2. Are these mullah Dick ?
    kyaa kuchh bhi , laude saale chewtiye

  3. I want to tell paki muslims, your all ancestors/vorfathers were hindu, why don't you come back to your original religion(Hinduism)

  4. Zahil Hamid should first get equal status from Arab who treat Paki and Bangladeshi Muslim as third rate and treat them as garbage. He should first provide equal treatment and dignity to Muslims who migrated from India (Mohajirs) and then call Indians to convert to Islam


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