Friday, October 28, 2011

Secret Pakistan : Double Cross (Traitor & Coward Terrorist Pakistan)


  1. why american's waiting--for what ?????
    let's eliminate these bastords in pakistan.
    ISI/taliban/al-quaeda must be destroyed at any cost for peace of this world.
    without punishing pakistan, nothing will change.

    enough is enough

  2. Fuck pakistan - fuck paki-terrorist muslims - fuck taliban- fuck ISI-fuck all terrorists.

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  4. chutiyo ki kami nahi, 1 dhundo 1000 milte hei

  5. exactly-
    Pakistan is bigger chewtiya than ummreeka.
    US is using paksitan as their prostitute.

    shame on coward terrorist state pakistan

  6. Dont try to be Americans.You are only indian.BE indian.Fight for their independence is not terrorism.America destroy Afghanistan.They are terrorist.
    If Administrator has courage.Post my comments.

  7. Some how I agree with Yasirbm, that fighting for it's own county is not terrorism.

    but i like to ask yasirbm - what was 26/11-mumbai attack ?
    Ajamal kasab and other pakistani terrorist murdered ordinary people in streets of mumabi--is this not terrorism.
    what about 9/11--was that not terrorism ?

  8. I agree with above posters.
    Pakistan is a prostitute.

    "Pakistan whore" several time anal raped by pakistani army/ISI and America-etc.

    If pakistani's really love their country then they have to request/beg India to take pakistan back inside Indian union(Akhand Bhaarat)---otherwise no-one can save pakistan---civilized world will keep raping pakistan. and some innocent good pakistani's like( Hasan nissar, Dr Parvej hoodbhoy, marvi-sirmid etc) will suffer for no reason.

    It's not too late---Indian are very kind hearted---if you pakistani's will tauba ur mistakes and ask forgiveness--then i hope indians will forgive you and 'll take back/protect you under Akhand bharat.

    May God/Allah/Bhagwan give some brain to pakistani people.

  9. huhhhh :(
    we will die but never beg india to take us back

    If indians are so much worry about us then why they stopped our water ?

    better you guys ask your government to talk with our government to make some kind of union like europenion union.

    If India ready to give us autonomous status( with full protection) inside Indian consitution like China did with macau & hongkong, then i hope all pakistani people who want save pakistan from western world will never mind it.

    but these things must be done on mutual respect basis.

    Israr Ahmed(KP)

  10. yasirbm928 is right
    Pakistan zindabaad - amreeka murdabaad

    India is our neighbour we will solve our problems with India, but American's are not our neighbour.
    they have no right to come to close to our country.

  11. This website looks like Indian, but seems dedicated mostly for pakistani issues/politics

    my request to all my pakistani brother/sisters/friends--check these below threads which i found on this website

    now My question to both pakistani and indians.
    why we hate so much each others---WHY ?

    despite we all know we both belongs to same Race.

    our for-fathers( great-great-great Grand parents)--they were all hindu's.

    just because some people left hinduism for some reasons and accepted islam--does it means we have to Hate our Ancestors religion(Hinduism),

    guess- who is getting benefit of our hatred ?
    it's mostlty western world and Army/ISI.

    ex- pak army generals has millions $$$ in swiss bank.

    what ordinary pakistani getting so far ?--nothing.
    they were designed to remain poor forever.

    wake up my friends--try to understand--we will get nothing by hating each other--we will loose only---only Elite will get benefits from our hatred/fights.

    atleast if we can't becaome friends..then let's not to become enemy--let;s start treating each other neutral--later may be friends.

    Think--hatred more important or prosperity of our people our country.

    world already living in 21st century---most pakistani interior folks still living in 16 th century--think about them.

    'Jab Jaago tabh- Saveraa" - let's start a new begining.
    Religion is not bigger than human. let;s think about not only ourselves but also about our people.
    God Bless you.


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