Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rape of dead bodies in Graveyard in Pakistan


  1. again islam has nothing to do with that
    he was not practing muslim

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  3. Yes that guy who raped bodies of muslim in grave is a paki- practing muslim.--he said allah-allah many times

    Islam is a fuckn sick religion--thanx god America/NATO slowly destroying Pakistan/Islam.

    My suggestion to all good Pakistani folkswho still consider humanity is bigger than islaam--please better re-join the religion of your ancestors (Hinduism).
    Your forefathers/ancestors were all Hindu,
    you guys better leave this sick Arabic wahabi cult (Islam) ----go back to your roots (Hinduism), otherwise no-one can save you from destruction.

    Hindu's burn body after death---Muslims don't, that's why many sick sex starved people rape body of Muslims women/ girls in grave.
    This guy was just an example, he came in limelight coz' he caught...many don't.

    go back to Hinduism if you want protect your asses getting raped in graveyard after ur death

    India is Rising super power of 21st century--so Re-joining Hinduism can only save Pakistan/Muslims....otherwise you guys will kill each other--even you Muslims hate each other, like Hassan Nisar/Dr Vervej Hoodbhoy(true paki scholar of 21st century) said, aap logan ki ajaan ka time different hai, shia hate sunni--sunni hate ahamadi etc
    nothing wrong in going back to your roots.
    you all pakis's have blood of Hindu’s in your veins as your elders were all Hindu.

    contact VHP(vishwa hindu parishad)if you want re-join religion of your ancestor

    contact if you need any help

    your well-wisher

  4. i think its not all about pakistani or muslim . he is a sick man should punish him

  5. dear brothers! we respect all the religions please don't talk ill of Islam, because it is a very pure and holy religion. Life is like jungle many different kinds of people live there. domesticated and wild so he is a wild person amongst all the other Muslims.

  6. if he is wild whole pakistan is wild--most pakistani's are wild..

    i think in pakistan only sufi and ahmadia are good, rest all, or most of them incl wahabi muslims are extremists.

    dont forget these so called good muslim what did to salman taseer, minister bhatti and to asia bibi

    wahabi islaam and other is a fuckedup cult, it need to be cleand from the face of earth-------AMEN

    Moh D

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  8. i think all of you have really cheap thinking... it is very unfair of you to insult Islam like that,,, all religions have their own ways in doing things... i respect all,,, that man did a very big sin and he will be punished,,, you can judge him but u have no right to criticize Islam... we all will b punished for wht we all do,,, forcing someone to convert their religion by giving silly hopes is shameful... i am 16 years old and i feel i understand life better than all of you,,, u all suck!

  9. agree wahabi muslims have cheap and narrow thinking
    they are responsible for all terror blast in pakistan and worldwide

  10. no wonder why the Civilized World HATE - Islaam

    fuck pakistan - Fuck muslims-Fuck Islaam-Fuck taliban - fuck terrorists

  11. Guys who have forgotten about Josef Fritzl, I want to remind you that he held captive her own daughter for 24 years and fathered her children. Those who have forgotten about the lesbians and gays getting married legally to their own kind, I want to remind you that these people are simply destroying the base of our society. Are you guys frustrated that you cant relate these incidents with Islam?

    Islam is a religion as well as a lifestyle. You can use it, or misuse it, just like nuclear power. It depends on our perception and inner enlightenment.

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