Monday, December 19, 2011

Bhagvad Gita ban call in Russia an assault on Human Values - Sri Sri


  1. The issue here is not about believing or respecting a particular religion. In my view, all religions are illogical but banning any religious book such as the Gita is apalling! A person has as much of a right to read the Bible, Kuran or Gita or any book trashing religions.

    The issue is about people having the right to read, discuss and propagate whatever belief or faith that they belong to, in a country which claims to be a secular democracy! And Russia is a self professed democratic country. A banning of religious non-Is1amic texts in a country like Saudi Arabia or Iran or any particular religious texts in North Korea or China would not be a surprise, as they are all TOTALITARIAN regimes!

    The Russians have to walk the talk when they talk about being a full fledged democracy and a long time ally of India!

  2. Mr Ananad, are you ashamed born as hindu ?

    because of pseudo-secular Indians like you, today India/hinduism reach to this position, where our all weather friends like Russia not immediately responded to this non-sense of banning our holy book


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