Sunday, December 25, 2011

Veena Malik Controversies-her Father's view--Asmit Patel- & Her Love Towards India


  1. Being a pakistani girl- i had tears in my eyes when you were talking to your father.
    I proud you veena- wish i was blunt like you.
    It's fault of our narrow minded people and media for your controversies.

    may allah bless you

  2. Great
    thanks veen for clarifying reality with pakistani awam.
    great to hear that Indian awaam also love you
    We also love you & hope you will marry to your true & eternal love Ashmit.

    you will be a bridge between india & pakistan.

    wish both our nations can learn to live in love-peace nad harmony.

    Mohammad Q Sumro

  3. We love you veenaji
    salaam to my pakistani friends.


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